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12 Dec 2021

Die Fill

Coins | Stan McDonald - author

One of the most common errors is filled dies. Any raised area on a coin is created from a die which is the inverse. When debris fills the dies, the letters, or numbers are sometimes missing or minted faintly.

Some 2000 Lincoln cents have the last zero faintly minted or entirely missing. Many coin articles will state that these coins are of no added value, however; there are collectors who will pay up to $5-$10 for some of these coins. The 1991 Lincoln cent in the photo sold for $10.

Note: Dies are the inverse of the design. Microscopic debris can fill a cavity blocking out the number.



Level 6

Great photo


Level 6

That's interesting! I have never seen one of these. ; )


Level 4

I have never seen any of these coins in my life! Thanks Stan


Level 6


I. R. Bama

Level 5


AC coin$

Level 6

Good catch . Thank for sharing it .


Level 5

Don't see these. Either I am not looking, or they are in low numbers? Definitely going to check all my change closer.

I find them in bank-rolled coins. Then again, I have searched over 250,000 Lincoln cents so you would think I would find something.


Level 5

This is good info also. Thanks for sharing.

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