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20 Dec 2021

Planchet Errors Part III

| Stan McDonald - author

Planchet errors include underweight coins, or the thickness is not the standard. Below is a 1945-S Lincoln cent that weighs 2.9 grams versus the standard 3.11 grams.

The coin in the photo may appear to be struck through grease or weakly struck but weighing the coin with a gram scale reveals the thin coin.

When a "Coinstar" machine consistently rejects a coin, a collector should weigh the coin. It may be that the coin is underweight. The 1963 Lincoln cent in the photo is consistently rejected in counting machines. The coin's weight is 3.0 grams versus the standard 3.11 grams, and the thickness of the coin is 1.45 cm versus the standard width of 1.52 cm. The 1963 Lincoln cent is not undersized enough to gain any additional value.

Stan McDonald - Author of the number one selling error coin guide and numismatist.



Level 6

Very cool! I always try to remember to check Coin Star machines! ; )


Level 4

Nice to know!

AC coin$

Level 6

Nice coins. Good information


Level 6

This is a coin star coin. The reason I check their reject tray.

A couple of weeks ago, I was using Coinstar and noticed a pile of change in the return. $5,00 in Canadian and $1.00 in silver US dimes. Usually, people take the money from the return, except for foreign coins.

I should look at the side of coins more to see if they have this error!


Level 5

Nice find regardless. You might never know unless the coin was rejected in counting machine and then you weighed it. To bad they are not valued. Good information to know.

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