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31 Dec 2021

Top ten ways to destroy coins - Cardboard Containers - Part 8

| Stan McDonald - author

Cardboard Containers

Storing coins in a corrugated box is never a good idea. Cardboard quickly absorbs any moisture in the air, and the contents inside the box will suffer from oxidation.

Place a box in a closed closet for a week (provided there is no humidity) and they will dry out. As boxes dry out, most emit a distinct odor. Pu your coins in plastic zip bags with a desiccant pack. I save desiccant packs from products I purchase that include the packs.



Level 5

Good Advice. Thanks!


Level 5

The cardboard attracts roaches too!

Roaches, rats, bats, spiders, mites, and moths. LOL

I. R. Bama

Level 5

These are all really helpful for both new and experienced collectors


Level 6

Good advice! Thanks! ; )

It's Mokie

Level 6

I use plastic tubs, they can float in the event a pipe breaks in my home. (: (it has happened)


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Some more good advice

AC coin$

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Great information . Altenative One for all a great lesson .


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Archive quality only for me. Thanks.


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Great advice. Thanks

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