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30 Dec 2021

Top ten ways to destroy coins - Part 7

| Stan McDonald - author

One of the worst places to store coins is in any metal box, especially those that rust. Most metal rusts over time – the oxygen in the air condenses with water vapor and creates rust. Aluminum containers will retain moisture and even these containers will accumulate "white" oxidation.

Rust from the metal box inflicts damage on coins stored in the box, even if the coins are in flips. Oxidation is the worst enemy of coins.

Stan McDonald - author and numismatist



Level 6

Thanks! I didn't know that. ; )


Level 6

Something to think about


Level 6

This is going to be an eye opener to many people. Thanks.


Level 3

I don’t like to clean or destroy coins

AC coin$

Level 6

Great advice . Maney people didn'tknow this . Thanks for information .

Someone once brought me coins stored in a metal box. They were all oxidized with green and black. Unfortunately, most of the Lincoln cent collection they had was "environmentally" damaged. At the time I was buying and selling but made no offer.


Level 5

That is a nice metal box.

Yes, I keep documents in it, not coins. LOL

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