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21 Oct 2020

coins I like to collect

| the coin guy

This blog is about all of the coins I like to collect.
1. gold coins. I like to collect gold coins because of their age and value. (and because they are cool to look at.) I have four of them I have a 1878 2 1/2 coin, 2 1853 gold dollars and a 1856 gold dollar.
2. early American copper coins. I also like collecting early American copper because I like to think of coins as little pieces of history and large cents and half cents can be the oldest pieces of history.
3. Morgan silver dollars. I like these coins because they are very popular coins to buy in fact my first collectable coin I bought was a 1880-O Morgan silver dollar in MS60 condition. These coins are great collection starters.
4. two cents. I like two cents because they are very old and I like collecting odd denomination coins ( also because it is weird that these coins are so big and the three cents are so small.)
5. three cents. these coins are very odd because they are very small and very thin but they still made them but these coins are great to add to your collection!

6. early dollars. these coins are very great for a collection because they are very old and valuable. these coins also include the 1794 silver plug dollar and the 1804 dollar.

7.gobrecht dollars. these coins are very rare because they did not make a lot and they were only in circulation from 1836-1839. all of these coins are worth more than 10,000 dollars. sadly I don't have one but I would like one.

8. fractional currency bills. these are very weird because they are the same denomination as most coins but I do think it was because they just started making paper money.

9. twenty cent coins. these coins are rare because they were only made from 1875-1878 so they didn't make so many of them. these coins are very much like a quarter except that they have a reduced diameter.

10. capped bust coins. these coins are very nice because they are very old and they don't cost a lot of money (except for gold pieces) and they are a bit of US history.

11. half dimes. I like these coins because it is weird that they made these other coins before nickels came into circulation. and they are made of silver so they are smaller and thinner. But these coins are great to have in your collection.

12. flying eagle cents. these coins are cool because they are very different than all the other cents because there is not a person on it, there is a bird on the front and it is thicker.

13. Sacagewea dollars. these coins may not be the rarest coins but I like collecting them! these coins are great collection starters for young numismatists.

one more thing, I want to say thank you to all the people who help me out in the comments! It really helps me learn. because I have only been in numismatics for a year so I don't know a lot But I am learning every day!

- the coin guy


Long Beard

Level 5

I commend you on your approach. From the direction to the follow through. Like yourself, I pick a series. One at a time and begin with the goal of a nice even eye appeal over the series. For the more modern series, which I've completed most, these are AU to MS, or all MS. Older series, particularly the 1800's, average circulated with some in AU but few if any higher. To that end, things like wear, slight damage/scratches and light cleaning become irrelevant. When I hit a wall searching for the key and semi-key dates, I start another. So I'm always active.

Rock Hound

Level 4

Neat Interest, love to hear more about early American coppers.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Really interesting blog! Thanks for sharing what you like to collect. Sounds like you have some nice coins! I like to collect odd denominations and pretty much anything before 1965. I also like flying eagle cents and need one more for a full set.


Level 7

My mentor taught me to diversify my collection. I did that . Now I have some nice coins from different places.. It makes for a great collection. Also easy to write blogs about them. Believe it or not every blog I have written has been on a coin I own. Anyone can open a book and pick a coin and write. When you own a coin the feel of it the weight of it makes all the differance.


Level 6

A nice group of coins. Wish the best in obtaining the coins.

Although we all collect coins and the like, our habits are diverse. It makes for a better hobby.

It's Mokie

Level 6

More like it, we like to hear about each others collecting habits, it shows us the great diversity of our hobby and the many different directions our hobby can take us.


Level 6

Very nice collection! Thanks for sharing ; )


Level 5

Impressive collection! I wish I had some gold XD Cheers, NM

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