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21 Oct 2020

these coins I'm writing about

| the coin guy

the coins I have been writing about so far have been about some of the rarest US coins there are out there. I am going to put all my blogs into one so you can read them all at once.
Cornet head gold coins

|the coin guy

Cornet head gold coins. These coins were designed by Christian Gobrecht also the designer of the gobrecht dollar. these coins are always valuable because they are made of gold. The only way that these coins can be worth a lot of money is if they have a low mintage or if it is in high grade. I happen to have some of them but they have been a little damaged so I got them for a lower price.

1822 half eagle

|the coin guy

1822 half eagle. designer: John Reich. These coins are very very rare there are only three known in the world. one of them is going to go up for auction ant they estimate it will go from 8 million to 10 million and break the record for the highest price currently held by the 1794 silver plug dollar at $10,016,875. The other one was sold at an auction for $687,500 in 1982. And I don't know about the third one but these coins are even more rare than a 1933 $20 gold coin at 7,590,000

1943 copper cents

|the coin guy

1943 copper cents. These coins are a well known rarity and most collectors dream but if you want to make that dream come true then you need $100,000. These coins were accidentally made when someone left a few copper bars in the press. 40 of them are known to exist. The rarest one was a 1943 S penny that sold for $1,700,000 in 2010. and most of the coins made in 1943 were made of steel coated zinc. these coins are very rare but if you have $100,000 to spare then you might just get lucky and find one.

the 1804 dollar

|the coin guy

The 1804 silver dollar. designed by Robert Scot. These coins are the most well known rare collectable coins but they are very expensive if you want to buy one. There are only fifteen known to exist and all of them are worth more than $1,000,000 so if you have a spare $1,000,000 then you might consider buying one of these. the 1804 dollars were actually made from 1834-1835 as gifts in proof sets to send to all the leaders of countries. but only two got sent. then in 1859 they made restrikes to send to collectors that were curious about them. they also don't know if the 1804 dollars were 1803 dollars with 4 over the 3.

1933 $20 gold coin

|the coin guy

1933 $20 gold coin. These coins are very rare and there is only one that you can buy right now. It is owned by the king of Egypt and he bought it for $7,590,000 in 2002. It is also the second rarest coin in the world. There are 10 of them protected in Fort Knox, two of them are owned by the National Numismatic Association and the last one is owned by the king of Egypt. There are 13 known in the world. If you could buy the coin from the king of Egypt would you?

the 1794 dollar

|the coin guy

The 1794 dollar. All of them are rare like one million dollars rare but this one that I am talking about is a 1794 silver plug dollar that sold for $10,016,875 on Thursday January 24th 2013. This coin sold for the highest amount of money in numismatic history. And it is one of a kind. If you had a $10,000,000 coin what would you do with it? I would keep it and enjoy the fact that I have a $10,000,000 coin. (And if it was not graded then I would get it graded.)


I. R. Bama

Level 5

Thanks for the info on these coins you were writing about. Super helpful and the pictures make it even better!

To think for some people that would be chump change. Good thing Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos don't collect, or we'd all be ot of coins to collect.


Level 5

Love these coins! Cheers, NM


Level 6

Yeah...it would be nice to be be able to own these types of coins...


Level 5

I can't imagine owning a bunch of rare coins that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Always wanted a 1943 copper cent. Will settle for what I have.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I guess the question that arises after you've gathered all your blogettes together is WHY bother? Why Not take all those blogettes and add a paragraph or three about your own coin collecting journey and what these unicorn coins mean to you. Do it my Friend, do it. It's not too late to redeem yourself.


Level 5

Pretty neat. I would like some of those, but those are too much money for my teeny-tiny wallet. Later. Fodder

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