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04 Nov 2020

why I started collecting coins

| the coin guy

the reason why I started coin collecting. I started coin collecting when I was 8 because I had gone to a place called Virginia city in Nevada. and when I was there I saw a 1880 O Morgan silver dollar at a museum about the town history. so then I bought it and for the next few months it was sitting in my room until I got curios about "E Pluribus Unum" so then I did some research about it and then I found out that this coin that I got was worth $150. And then I started looking at where I could find a coin store near me and eventually I found one. So then I went to that store and I bought a 1922 peace dollar and one pound of world coins and since the man at the store liked the idea of a young coin collector he supplied me with coin slips books and binder pages for free. Then I started going there a lot and I started building my collection. then I found out about online coin stores and then I started buying from there to. But now I cannot go to that store because of Covid-19 so I can only buy coins online.


Long Beard

Level 5

Coin collecting about the enjoyment, the thrill of accomplishment and the chase. Rarely do collectors remain in the hobby for profit. I collect for the beauty and history behind these tiny metal discs created as a means for goods and services. Who else would pay a dollar for a cent but a collector?

Keep a good relationship with that dealers, connections are priceless in the hobby.


Level 5

I always enjoy hearing other folks story about how they got started. You were fortunate to be able to go to an area like that. Remember, no coin is without value, some of my favorite coins in my collection of 50 plus years are barely worth face value, it's the story behind the coins that make some of them sooo special. Good Blog, Later!


Level 5

Pretty cool way to get started. I got started when I decided to take the Coin Collecting Merit Badge on a whim. Two months later, and here I am, cranking out blogs at least once a week.


Level 6

Great story! Thanks for sharing it with us ; )


Level 6

Great story. I'm glad you also found your way here. Your curiosity paid off. Knowledge Is Power.


Level 5

No way man! My first two coins ever where an 1880 Morgan, and a 1922 peace dollar! Nice work, It seems like youre starting the right way! If you have any numismatic questions, send me a message. Ill either find the answer for you or point you to someone who can. Cheers, NM


Level 6

Willing to learn brought you into a great hobby.

It's Mokie

Level 6

A Morgan Silver Dollar, what a great way to start your collecting journey and that dealer that sold you the Peace Dollar and gave you all the extras should be your go-to local guy when covid abates. Those are the kind of dealers that are great for our hobby.


Level 7

Thanks for.telling us how you got started.. Remember when you buy. Buy on a budget. Otherwise you will be bfoke.soon!!!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

thanks for sharing how you got started. I always enjoy hearing about how people get started. We are fortunate that our coin shops are open.


Level 5

Great story about how you started. I started when the local grocery store gave away a coin every month. Coins of yesteryear the holder was called. It got me hooked on coins. I got a steel penny, war nickel, silver dime, quarter, and silver half i believe. Will have to look at it again. Silver dollars are awesome coins and nice to collect. Keep up the collecting!

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