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19 Mar 2018

The National Money Show in Texas

National Money Show | The Paginator

This year my family went to Irving Texas for the National Money Show. The main reason we went there though was because I did a money talk on World War II Emergency currency and I put a display in on Kennedy half dollars. The three World War II currency's I talked about were the Victory Note, North African Yellow Seal Certificate and the Hawaii note. It was a new experience for me so it was a little scary. Although I earned 250 YN dollars for doing it so that was the best part! I didn't get any awards for my display but that was OK because it was my first time and a learning experience.

During our time there we meet Abe Lincoln, got poor, did the trivia game for coins and had a really great time. I mentioned I did a money talk on Emergency currency and I had both the Hawaii note and the Victory note but I didn't have the North African note I was searching really hard for a cheep one and right before my presentation I found an 10 dollar note for 40 dollars. The other things I bought there were rainbow cents I am not sure what the name for them is but I like them because they are pretty. The Last day we were there we meet Abe Lincoln not the real one of course because he would be like 207 years old but he look exactly like him. He gave me and my siblings a steal penny oh he is also the one who made the Abe Lincoln penny picture he told us how he made it. Did you know it was made of over 800 pennies I certainly wouldn't have guessed that just from looking at it but I am a bad guesser. Also on the last day my brother bought a 1909 S penny for 54 dollars I have never seen him so happy.

Probably my favorite part of the trip was when I got 100 dollars worth bills. We went to one of the booths with the director of the ANA and he was asking us what we thought the ANA should improve with and one thing that came up was spending YN dollars so he let me buy something at one of the booths I used my YN dollars to buy a 2 dollar star note and a one dollar North African Note. On Sunday we drive home it was a really great trip.



Level 6

Great time, great show & you certainly got the most out of it!


Level 6

Glad to hear that you and your family had a great time! Sounded like alot of fun. I admire you for giving a "talk"... I would be really nervous! Good for you!!! Thanks for a great blog!


Level 6

You have a great attitude. Your very right on your exhibit. Chock this one up to a learning time. Next time for sure. Sounds like some good deals and a good time was had.. Thanks!


Level 6

It must have been exciting. It is great you shared your knowledge.


Level 7

It sounds like you had a great time. So you didn't win maybe somebody picked something up. Sounds like you had a good time. I would love to go to a show. Someday. Thanks for keeping us updated. Mike.

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