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15 Sep 2017

Two dollar bills!!!

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What is the deal with $2 bills? Will the government ever stop printing them and why do people think they are they so rare? The bill has gone through a unique past. It’s past reflects the history of the United States and it is one of the most uncommon bills ever made in the US!

The two-dollar bill was first printed in 1862, and originally featured a portrait of Alexander Hamilton on the front. However in 1862, the bill was changed to feature the 3rd President, Thomas Jefferson. This was far from the last changes this currency would receive though. According to The Two Dollar Bill Website throughout the bill's 150 year lifespan it has changed over 10 times. Now that's a record! Paper money had a hard time catching up with coins though, the main reason was because most people didn't make more than $15 a month between the late 1800s and early 1900s. Now days T-Shirts cost that much money there goes your month's payment! The bills finally caught up, but then The Great Depression hit. Are country was in poverty and most things didn't cost more than a dollar so there was no use for the $2 bill. After the Great Depression the $2 bills became bribery for electoral votes. So if you had one people would assume you had been bribed.

Although in 1966 the two dollar bill finally reached its end. It was discontinued for 10 years but in 1976 the government decided to make them again. According to Tommy Anders from Marketplace the main reason that they were put back in circulation was because 1976 was the 200th anniversary. They liked the design so much that they decided to keep the design. So the current version is the bicentennial two dollar bill. Another reason was because it costs 5 cents to make a one dollar bill and 5 cents to make a two dollar bill so they were making more money when they made two dollar bills. The first time it was printed after it was discontinued the press made 400 million of them that's twice as many twos as they made ones. However in the last 18 months only 45 million came off the press.

The current two dollar bill was most recently printed in 1976 it's the newest version of the two dollar bill. It has the portrait of Thomas Jefferson on the front. The back features the congress declaring the Declaration of Independence.  According to  the two dollar bill website the two-dollar bill makes up only about 1% of all paper bills being made by the US Treasury. Also according to America's rarest US currency out of the 1.2 trillion worth of coins and bills in circulation right now, less than 0.001% are twos.

So although two dollar bills may seem rare and valuable they are not really as valuable as they seem because they are worth their face value. But if you do find a two dollar bill you might want to keep it because the only way to get twos is to order them from the bank. The reason for this is because they are not circulated. So now that you have learned a little more about the two dollar bill when you see one next and it becomes a conversation starter you can tell them about the true history of the two dollar bill.



Level 6

When I get a $2.00 bill I spend them. I have found that most people don't have a problem with them.


Level 5

Be sure to look at the artistery of early $2 bills and you will see why collectors love them.


Level 7

Hi Mike here. I was just told by your friend your here to play a game on who can get the most points by following people. This is wrong and this site is not a game. It's for collectors. The ANA will see what your doing. Please stay with coins and don't try and turn this site into a game. If you want to see my points and how many people I follow check my site. You have a chance many don't have to get a fee education on collecting coins. Don't throw it away. Many have tried and are now gone. Is that what you really want? Stop now and you will turn out fine. Don't get involved in a game. Go to a game site and play there but don't do it here. Your smart I read your blog that's why I followed you. If you want to collect coins and enjoy it then do that. Otherwise don't bother. This is a serious site not a game app. Your better than that. Mike.


Level 4

I love 2$ bills, I find them interesting and unique. I've never gotten them in change. I have two though, both from the year I was born, in Unc. condition. I was given one and I bought the other. (After this blog, however, I regret paying around 8$ for it, but hey! you live and learn, and it is Unc. from the year I was born so......) :)

$2 bills have gotten a lot of bad press. People who think they're rare only presume that because they don't see them around. I also knew someone who thought Susan B. Anthony dollars were going to be recalled and melted by the mint, so they would pay me $2 for every one I 'found". Needless to say, they probably figured it out by now. I think that when someone pays for something with a $2 bill, they believe the person is trying to scam them into thinking its a $20.


Level 6

People just don't see $2 bills. I spend them all the time. I just received another $600 worth from my credit union. The Bills will last me about a year.

The Paginator

Level 3

Ya me too my dad gets a lot of them at the bank to spend but you never get them as change anymore. In less the person giving it to you doesn't know what they are. That's probably because the people you give them to keep them.


Level 6

I believe the mint will keep making them. People buy them so....It has been a while since I got one in change but they are out there. You are correct when you say some people don't think they are real. Same with the dollar coins... Thanks!


Level 7

Good blog I enjoyed it. You brought up good points. People like the two dollar bill. It's alot rarer than the other bills. Still it's value is only two dollars . I think they like them because there different. Like you said they do change them and you do not see them everyday in circulation. I can't remember the last time I received a two dollar bill in change. But as long as the law is on the books they will keep making them. Thanks for your research and your time. Mike

The Paginator

Level 3

Ya I decided to do that on $2 bills because it was a subject I didn't Know a lot about . It really is pretty interesting. Glad you enjoyed it!


Level 6

I use $2 bills when I get them. They are not seen often & some people think they are bad luck. My fav waiter likes them too!

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