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20 Sep 2021

Hello my Friends!

Coins | TheNumisMaster

I see a lot of new faces in the community now! NICE! I logged off for the last time (or so I thought) about 4 months ago.... but man, I couldn't quite stay away for good ;) I have been very busy starting up my final year of high school... and MAN I won't be a kid anymore in 4 more short months... CRAZY! I was able to add a few new coins to my type set since we last spoke, including an au58 1952 3-cent silver. Wonderful little coin! (No pictures at the current time). Many of you know what I planned to open a coin store for my career, but since we have seen each other I have made the new plan to join the US Coast Gaurd for my career (I estimate around 20 years there) while managing a business called Numismastery as a side hustle. Already I am designing a business outline for Numismastery, which I am super excited about. I am planning it to be a store/information source for YNs and nee collectors. Im cooking up some cool ideas, and am very exicted!Anyhow, I just wanted to poke my head back into the community for a fun minute and say hey to all my old friends and numismatic family.Your friend and fellow numismatist, Preston. And for you old-timers on the site, Cheers!

21 Apr 2021

Announcement for the Numismatic World!

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Good morning and afternoon, my good friends! Yesterday I announed the official release of my bi-monthly newsletter, Numismatic Marvels. I am sure you are all familiar with the Loupe, a newsletter edited and compiled by Centsearcher on behalf of my personal project/organization called Numismastery. The Loupe is to be relased the first and third week of the month, while Numismatic Marvels will be released the second and fourth. If you have signed up to receive the Loupe, you have been automatically added to Numismatic Marvels' mailing list. Subscibing is entirely free, and we have received lots of amazing feedback from our 200 subscribers. If you wish to get in on the numismatic action, privately message me your email address you wish to have the newsletters delievered to, and I will be sure you are all set. We do not use your emails for anything other than sending the newsletters, so you can have a peace of mind, knowing that your information is secure. Like I mentioned, it is free, and you can always unsubscribe. You have nothing to lose, and you might even learn a thing or two! Thanks for your consideration. As for the actual intent of this blog. I wanted to share with you how much I loved researching numismatic resources as I prepared my first newsletter issue. There is nothing you can do for your own numismatic knowledge like researching, and sharing what you learned with others. By practicing this form of studying, there are so many layers of learning. You learn from reading, then you learn even more from teaching others what you learned! It is an amazing cycle that builds on itself. I highly recommend that you do some research on the spesific numismatic topics that you love. Thanks!

19 Apr 2021

Another YN Auction

| TheNumisMaster

Morning Folks! Another YN auction concluded a 4 days ago (sorry for being so late). This month's lots included: LOT#1:2007-S Montana Statehood quarter (Clad); NGC Proof-70 Ultra Cameo, LOT#2:1985-Mo Mexico 25 pesos; Soccer World Cup (1986), and LOT#3:1972-S Eisenhower silver dollar; Choice Uncirculated, in original "Blue Pack" Mint envelope. I was lucky enough to DRAMATICALLY overspend on lots 1 and 3, and won them both. Congrats to the lucky YN who won lot 2, and good luck in the future to all those other YNs who participated! Also, a very big thanks to all the donators!

10 Apr 2021

Coin Show!

| TheNumisMaster

Well my friends, my weekend took an unexpected turn. I was planning on attending one day of the two day Northern Utah Coin Show. Yesterday I went for pleasure, and looked around and got a feel for the experience. I had a WONDERFUL time, and made some new numismatic acquaintances. Then I was shocked to hear that my father was willing to drive all the way back to the show the second day (today) to allow me to do some business. I brought a lot of my numismatic crap to sell at the show, and spend the money on MORE numismatic crap! Sounds like a wonderful weekend to me!!

04 Apr 2021

Big and BOLD Numismatic Marvels

National Coin Week | TheNumisMaster

Hello and good afternoon, my fellow friends and numismatists! I trust you are all having a wonderful week. Today's numismatic dive will be fairly longer and more in depth than most, so get comfortable, grab a snack, and let's dive into some numismatic marvels!

12 Mar 2021

New Coins!!!

| TheNumisMaster

Good afternoon, folks!! Today I received my reward for completing the YN challenge in the last Errorscope. It was a great challenge, and I was very happy with my new acquisitions. I won a raw 1939 MS60 DDR nickel, a raw 1957-D MS63 RD DDO/RPM cent, a raw 1960-D MS64 RD PMP Cent, a raw 1998 RDV-006 FS-901 Cent, a raw 1971 MS60 D/D RMP Nickel, and finally a PCI slabbed MS65 RD 2001 Broad Strike Cent. As I am just getting into errors and varieties, this was an amazing package to have delivered to my home. Be sure to complete the YN challenge in this Errorscope edition if you are eligible. You won't regret it!! It took me 5 minutes to complete. Please enlarge the pictures! Do you have any idea what these are worth? I could only find limited information on the google machine (; Have a good day! -NM

08 Mar 2021

New Acquisitions

| TheNumisMaster

Top of the morning, my friends! I recently was able to evaluate the numismatic collection of a family friend, and catalogue his coins. He is a very kind and generous man, and was pleased with the work I had done. He knew that I was very passionate about numismatics, and mentioned that he inherited the collection from his father, and he rarely added to it. For my payment, he insisted that I accept a very large amount. It was a relatively small collection, and I only spent 11 hours in total. He paid me in coins, which I was very happy about. He paid me a VG-8 (or slightly higher) 1912-S Liberty Head Nickel, an 1883 No Cents nickel in AU condition, a 1986 Liberty Proof Set, a 2007 Silver 14-Peice Proof Set, 3 Silver State Quarters Proof Sets, several Barber Dimes, several IHCs for my album, and a Morgan and Peace Dollar. Don't worry, pictures are to come in a thread. I am currently at school without access to my coins. They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and it was very nice of him to gift them to me. Once his son inherits the collection, I plan on buying it in its entirety. Thanks for letting me tell you about my new coins! Do you all think I should send in the 1912-S to NGC? Keep me posted! Catch y'all later! -NM

02 Mar 2021


| TheNumisMaster

Well, a new issue of the Errorscope was just published by CONECA and is available online. This was a great issue, and there were even a few articles about new varieties that have been discovered! Both me and CoinHunter both had articles in this publication, and they are conveniently right next to each other. Go check that out! It was a great issue, and I learned a lot. YNs, you get a free year of a CONECA membership, and they will send you a free coin once you are in! Follow these steps:To redeem your free membership, emailyn@conecaonline.org.Be sure to include your name, email address, ANA membership number, and mention the code CONECAYN#16 in the email body or subject line. And be sure to let them know that I (Preston Thomas) recommended that you join. It really is a wonderful club! Make sure to look at everything your ANA membership includes, and take advantage of every bit! YNs, this also means a free year of an NGC membership! Anyway, my ankle is killing me (as I had an awful injury yesterday) so I will leave it at that! (Yes, these have nothing to do with each other, but this is my weak excuse to not be crucified for a short blog). Have a great day (; -NM

28 Feb 2021

An Update on Numismastery

| TheNumisMaster

I shall waste no time getting into the topic of today's blog.


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