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22 Feb 2021

A Fast Visit to a LCS

| TheNumisMaster

Considering that I have been collecting for 7 years, it might come as a shock to you all that I have never been to a coin shop. I have been to Rust Rare Coins (before the whole 250 Million Ponzi Scheme came to light) but it was super impersonal, and they seems to be all about how much money they can get out of you, not a mutual love for numismatics. On Saturday I visited All About Coins, owned and operated by Bob Campbell, a former president of the ANA. It was an amazing experience, and I made some amazing connections. I wasn't able to buy anything, as my parents installed a budget of $0 for this month, lol! I might be collaborating with a Lee Mckenzie on Numismastery, to help further my outreach operation. Fingers crossed!! Just wanted to give yall the update, and inform you that I have finally had the "Coin Shop Initiation". Catch ya later!


You've been doing numismatics for 7 years but have never been to a coin store?!


Level 5

I resemble ALL of the above remarks. I have been to several local coin shops but like Mr.B said above, you have to find the one that's a good match for you. I've been to 1 local coin show and enjoyed it much more than going to shops. I did find 1 local shop and do the majority of my shopping there because of the reasons above. Mark enjoys talking about the coins he sells and he cares about his customer base. Thanks for posting and let us know how it works out for ya!


Level 5

Sounds like you had a fun visit, you don't have to buy something every time you go to a coin store.

Mr. B Coins

Level 4

Good job breaking through. I have had some good and some not so good experiences. I prefer shows where you can simply walk to the next booth, or out the door for that matter, if you feel like you're being mistreated. I guess it also comes down to the feeling that it is more business-like in a coin shop. Congratulations on your find. Sorry for the stream of consciousness. Mr. B


Level 7

Like you I was never in a coin shop. There is one but he's filthy a theif. I was in the store more people were buying cleaning fluid. I said so called shop. He had some coins in a display cabinet but it was never clead. And it was locked. He didn't want to open it. I left. . No clubs no stores. I know how you feel.!!


Level 6

Wow, that's cool. Glad you had a great time and made a fine new connection. I know he has made a customer of the future, for sure.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Glad you got the VIP treatment, makes for an enjoyable visit, doesn't it?


Level 5

Excellent, life is all about networking which prior to the internet was referred to as "The good ole boy network", which for those who don't know was not restricted to just good ole boys. Many things were accomplished and friendships made that way, you called someone you knew looking for something and soon there might be 50 or more people looking for you, then out of the blue you'd get a call from someone you didn't know who had what you needed. Most things were traded, money rarely changed hands and sometimes the person would snail mail it to you in just the promise that you owed them one, a debt taken seriously. Good times, good memories, always work the connections life presents to you, it's a two way street. Great blog!


Level 6

Bob is a great guy. I had him for a teacher in a Summer Seminar. A great teacher. His shop must be amazing! His Mormon gold is a bit out of my allowance range. WOW!


Level 6

Sounds like you had a great time! Just to able to go to a real coin shop would be amazing! Hope your new connections pan out! ; )


Level 5

Even though you didn't get any coins, sounds like it was a fun visit!


Level 5

Must be a nice coin shop. Former president of the ANA. He must of signed a few ASE's for that promotion the ANA did. Keep us updated on future visits and the coin shop.


Level 5

That's exactly what I was thinking! I will be getting one soon, so maybe I'll get him

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