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18 Nov 2020

German WWII Items

| DaNumisMasta

Hello all! I have finally found the time and energy to write another informative blog! Life has not been friends with me lately, seeing as how I was exposed to this dreadful virus (Thankfully I am healthy, and all is well) and my school has shut down due to it. I have not been able to see my girlfriend for the past few weeks, and I have recently experienced a death in the family. But, life goes on I suppose. Numismatics has been a much needed release in my life, and I am very thankful for it.Today I would like to discuss a recent purchase I made. This eBay lot included some German WWII currency, and a few stamps from German Nazi controlled Poland. WWII has always fascinated me. As most of you know, I am a major history buff alongside many of you. Moreover, both of my late grandfathers served in that awful war, and I was raised up on their stories. They lost many of their friends and comrades. We recently celebrated Veterans Day, and these coins provided me with concrete proof of their service. I am among those who believes that the value of all coins resides in the story they have to tell.Stories. Every coin has one, even the lone penny resting on the sun heated pavement. Some coins have more interesting stories than others, and some have stories that reside close to your heart. In this lot I bought, it included a number of coins like the one pictured below. But this coin I have selected for the picture was brought back from Poland from my Grandfather. I found it in his jewelry box along with a note explaining how it came into his possession, and his desire that it remain in the family. I never got too meet him, as he passed away from lung cancer that was deemed related to his experiences fighting for our country in Poland. But his story lives on through the coins I inherited with him including this coin. As I saw Veterans Day approach, I knew I couldn't pass up this lot for its low price, and bought it with all of our veterans in mind. I am aware that a few of you have been in the service, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My tears go out to those who sacrificed themselves for us, and my thoughts and prayers are with those they left behind. It is times like these where I realize that there is so much more to numismatics than collection coins. I am sure most of you will agree with me that physical collections are not even half the payoff of this "hobby of kings". Each of us collects our own unique way, and has a very personal attachment to those things we collect.For me, I like to collect things I can relate to. And these seem to do the trick. In 1939, Nazi Germany invaded Poland to gain a tactical advantage, and was held by them until the dissolve of the Nazi party in 1945. During this time, Germany set up a coin mint in Poland, where they not only minted German currency, but destroyed Polish currency to force the Poland citizens to rely on Germany for their economy. This cruel power play designed by Hitler himself was enough to keep Poland under control for the remainder of the Nazi's time of existance.I hope you all enjoyed my little dive into the history surrounding these coins, and wish you all well. Stay healthy and stay safe. Wear your masks, and do your part.Cheers, NM



Level 4

Sorry for your loss. Glad that Numismatics can help in everyday life.


Level 6

Sorry for your loss and these very difficult times. Your collection is really nice. My Grandpa had some small German coins in his coin collection and I cherish them. We must learn from history and never forget.

The Nazis did some evil things, but their currency was beautiful when not lavished in propaganda. I don't agree with people who say we must destroy their history, it is just as bad as how they burned books. Thanks NM!


Level 6

Sorry for your losses and trials. Hang in there. Coins have most of us get through some tough times. I does get better. I'm sure you make your Grandpa proud. Thanks.


Level 5

I am sorry for your loss. Numismatics has also proven to be a release for me in these difficult times. Coins help me to ponder the sacrifices and lessons of the past. They have so much to tell. I don't know why there aren't more people sharing in this fulfilling and enjoyable hobby. Be safe, and keep posting. Your perspectives on life and numismatics are always interesting and encouraging.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Life can be so difficult at times. Its our memories of the love we have for each other as family that provides us comfort in times like these. This is a very well written blog and I appreciate your point of view. Some people think coins like yours should not be owned or outright destroyed, but like all the efforts we see today to cancel the past, it is something we need so we can remember the triumphs and failures of history, "Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it".


Level 5

I fully agree with you Bama. Of course I dont agree with these symbols, but these things cannot be forgotten. They are a piece of history! Thanks for the comment. Cheers!


Level 6

You have very skillfully summed up the real value of numismatics. It is not the accumulation of metal disks, it is the immense history attached to each one of them. Hang in there, very sorry for your family's recent loss and a very sincere thanks to both your Grandfathers for their service during World War II.

Long Beard

Level 5

First, so glad to here that you and those around you are fine. I read nearly every blog post daily, this one in particular struck me solely on the passion radiating from each word. A passion of family, life, country and coinage. Very, very nice blog young man.


Level 5

Thank you, I appreciate that! NM


Level 7

When it rains it pours wow I'm so sorry for your loss. You still have the memories just like the ones from your grandfathers and the currency they left you. The danger of the virus I wrote about in my last blog. No matter where you are your not safe. This killer will find people wherever they are. Thank God there are three new vaccines coming out. Those are nice notes. Hold onto them. Myself will not collect anything from Germany. That's just me. These are from family these are important. Thanks for the blog again my deepest sorrow for your loss. Thanks for the blog and your work.!!


Level 5

Sorry for your loss, trials and tribulations. You will always cherish your Grandfather's coins. When you're my age you'll be telling some YN your stories and they will still hold a special spot in your heart. Later!


Level 5

An interesting collection could be formed from WW2 items. Nice blog.


Level 5

Glad you are healthy. Condolences to you and your family for your loss. Nice pick up of WW2 notes. Very nice area to collect. I may have a couple foreign coins from that time period. Let us know when you get to see the girlfriend again ! This quarantine time and stay away thing needs to end soon !


Level 5

I am very sorry for your loss. My grandfather was a Numismatist, but he died when I was young. He gave me some coins to remember him from, and they sparked my interest in the hobby. Definitely hold on to those pieces, they will be reminders for you of your grandparents that fought in WW2, and thanks for the great blog!


Level 5

Thank you so much. I am glad your grandfather left you some memorabilia. It definitely helps. Keep up collecting, and good luck growing your collection! Cheers.

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