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20 Jan 2021

Numismastery 101

| TheNumisMaster

Hello everyone! I trust you are doing well! Before I get started on the main attraction of this blog, I wanted to let you all know that I recently completed the first bit of the ANA's Early American Copper Project, earning me a Coronet Head Cent, a Classic Head Cent, a 2000 Steam Press Commem, and a Coronet Head Reference Book. So thanks to the ANA for providing us YNs with these amazing programs, and thanks to the donors who make it all possible. We appreciate you guys! So now to the title of this blog. With second term in the rearview mirror, I have had lots of time on my hands, at least, more than I used to. I wanted to do something with my time besides sitting around, staring it my computer, so that's when I came up with my evil plan. *Curls fingers and lets out maniacal laughter* I hatched the idea of a numismatic "course" I would name Numismastery 101. This course would be geared towards collectors young and old who want to get into the Hobby of Kings but know next to nothing about it, and are scratching their heads about where to start. I made some instant headway, and decided to organize it on Google Drive for easy access and collaboration. I would like to involve all of you in this creative process, and would love it if you would help me out. I am trying to reach 50,000 words by the end of March, and know that task is a daunting one. I invite any and all YNs who are confident in their writing abilities to get in the trenches to regurgitate all that numismatic knowledge that you're somehow filing away somewhere in their heads. I invite anyone who doesn't trust themselves to write to review what's already written and suggest edits and new ideas. This goes for you older numismatists as well. I am trying to create opportunities for my fellow YNs to teach others about this hobby they love, and find the gaps in their learning. Who knows? Maybe Numismastery 101 will fill them! As you all know, new collectors, young and old, are the future of this hobby. I feel as though we often take for granted the fact that new people seem to keep flowing in. Although it has picked up significantly, that flow of new numismatist has slowed. I had the idea for this new outreach program in hopes that it might shed some light on numismatics, and present it to those who might not see it otherwise. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to help, please privately message me, and I will send you and invite link. Together, we can help new collectors find their own place in this amazing hobby. Thank you for reading, and I will cya 'round! -NM

EDIT:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Wi6UyPyooa8EbwdPHY6nf2Z5JGKVfIaS?usp=sharing there is the link for you to veiw our progress so far. Let me know if you would like a link for editing access.



Level 6

PM me your email address and I will send you a ppt I put together for newbie collectors.


Level 6

Thanks for a good blog! ; )


Level 6

Good luck. I admire anyone that tries new ideas to help our hobby.


Level 4

Sorry to Mike's Artiritis. I will try to help. Send me the link and I will tag some of by blog posts.

I am pleasured to be helping you on this project buddy! I cant wait to see what it comes out as!


Level 5

I was thinking about starting the EAC project, but I don't think I will be able to get any farther than the first two rewards, if I even get that far, there are to many things on the list that I can't do.


Level 7

Sorry I can't help. But I have had to cut down because of arthritis. My blogs are not what I want . There shorter. And further apart. .so i will stick to blogs. Lots of luck with your project!!


Level 5

I am so sorry to hear that! Thank you for everything you do (:


Level 5

Sounds fun, hope all goes well. Outreach programs can't hurt.

Lol NM *wink*


Level 5

I have NO idea what you're talking about.... Like... At ALL (;

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Sounds like a great idea!


Level 5

I am already struggling to keep up with the blog that I try to post weekly, but I will help in any way that I can


Level 5

Haha! I feel you there!

I think I can help more, I wrote a 582 word essay about pennies.


Level 5

Will check it out. Early american coppers sounds like an interesting area. Good luck.

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