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29 Jan 2021

Numismatic Enthusiam!

| TheNumisMaster

Hello, and good afternoon, my fellow numismatists! Today's blog will be... interesting haha! I dislocated my knee earlier, and am a little loopy on pain meds, so please bear with me. First off, I am wondering how many of you have friends and family who just.... don't understand coin collecting, and can't for the life of them wrap their minds around how interesting we find it? I have several friends who tease me RELENTLESSLY for my passion haha! I made the picture I attached in honor them haha. I have had lots of time on my hands recently, and have filled that will all sorts of things numismatics related. I have finally read through all the informative sections of the Red Book, consumed several early American copper reference guides, and all of the ANAs correspondence courses. If you have not read through the correspondence course materials the ANA has to offer, I highly recommend it. Very interesting. I have learned quite a lot this week about varieties, and have been able to identify the date on several cull/dateless cents (pre-1820) due to different varieties and errors. I also wanted to update you all on Numismastery! I finally put up a website a week ago, for those of you who missed it. I teamed up with CentSearcher who is solely editing/publishing a newsletter on behalf of Numismastery called the Loupe. If you would like to be on the mailing list, privately message me with your email. Anyway, I am proud to announce that I am working with two new YNs who caught in interest in numismatics through my outreach efforts. Hopefully I will be able to convince them to commit to an ANA membership so they can learn more. Thanks to all who have helped me in my efforts, and given me invaluable feedback on what to edit in my course. I was able to make some headway on the website, and tidy things up a bit. If you missed it, check it out at www.numismastery.weebly.com. Shoot me a message if you have any feedback. I hope you all have a wonderful day! NOTE: Try to not dislocate your knee, it's not the most fun thing in the world (; Sorry if this seems like a weird blog. I will probably re-read this when I am off my meds and wonder why on earth I said half of the things I did. Cya 'round!



Level 4

Like your website will definitely have to look at it more.

Funny pic!


Level 4

Lol! I like to tell people the classic line... "I collect coins, and I know things." :-)


Level 3



Level 6

Take it easy on the funny knee slapping. I have had three total knee replacements. Ouch!!!


Level 5

Haha, good one, John!

Well I bet you did not know that there was a tin cent in 1943.


Level 4

Steel, not Tin. just wanted to point that out.


Level 5

I actually do remember hearing about that (; I forgot many of the details, but I'll do some more research! Thanks for reminding me! I might put out a blog about it. Cya 'round!


Level 6

I only talk about my coin collecting with fellow collectors or family so I have never been teased. I think this hobby is the perfect complement to any who loves history, loves travel, or loves general research. I cannot imagine life without numismatics.


Level 5

Love the pic, take care, Later!


Level 5

That photo is hilarious. Sorry to hear about your knee. But that's the thing about it. Getting injured leads you to doing some reading, research, and finding out new things. Thanks for the update, and take it easy!


Level 5

A lot of people can't imagine playing golf and chasing a white ball around a big grassy area. Coins also is something people don't understand. Why collect coins ? Everyone has hobbies and interests. I did check out the numismastery website and was very impressed. You and your partner in coins did a great job.


Level 5

My dad thinks it is crazy to pay $12 for a coin that has a face value of 2-cents

walking liberty

Level 4

well dislocating body parts do not usually feel good. hope you get better .


Level 7

I hope it works out . I said that the fitst time also.. However I believe we I said it would be better on the site. I still believe that. I'm sorry that's just me. The site is better.. Lots of luck.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Hey when you finished up the course work for the diploma program, I was wondering how you prepared for the proctored Exam. I could use some tips!

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