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25 Sep 2020

Coin Thoughts #101 by "SUN"

Medals | "SUN"



George W. Bush's medal is more of the traditional style. The obverse features the portrait of the President, while the reverse has the presidential seal. The medal is the work of Texas born Charles L. Victor. The artist viewed many photographs and settled on an Associated Press photo of Bush waving at the crowd at the Republican National Convention. The image caught the " sincerity, honesty, and integrity of the man."


Keeping with tradition of the second term, the obverse has the portrait of the President and Vice-President. The reverse has the presidential seal surrounded by the legend "President George W. Bush Vice-President Richard B.. Cheney." The medal was designed by Glady Gutzen, who is the first woman to design an Official Inaugural Medal. The artist sought an image of Bush and Cheney "looking forward."

Both medals were struck by Medalcraft Mint in Green Bay, WI.


I. R. Bama

Level 5

Beautiful medals!


Level 5

Really nice medals. My grandfather recently gave me some 1977 Jimmy Carter medals. The silver and bronze.


Level 6


Thee were actually two different reverses for the 2005 medal. Medalcraft went ahead with a soaring eagle and struck 7,000 medals before the inaugural committee chose the more traditional great seal variety.

The traditional look really brings out the design. He was a very popular president, especially after 9/11. I suppose these are made out of Bronze.


Level 6

Beautiful Medals! Very traditional looking. Thanks for a great blog! ; )


Level 6

101 thoughts! You go Sun. Those are nice traditional medals, which I like. Thanks for sharing these with us.

Long Beard

Level 5

I'm slowly building a set of these to frame as wall art. Don't have that one yet.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Nice medals! These are handsome additions to any collection....

It's Mokie

Level 6

Beautiful medals SUN, they really did a good job capturing Ws image. Thanks for sharing.


Level 5

Awesome medals and area of collecting. Don't own any myself, but a presidential themed collection sounds like a good area. Thanks for showing us these nice medals.


Level 7

Great medals. I collected the Presidential coin and chronicles set. About 8 of them and they have the medals in there. A big part of our history. It's a great thing to collect Presidential medals. Thanks I always enjoy your blogs.


Level 5

I don't own any inaugural medals, but it does strike me odd that the reverse has the same distinct background as my Kennedy Half dollars. Those are some nice looking medals! Thanks for blogging about them and posting the pictures!


Level 5

I truly admire the presidential medals, both regular and inaugural types. Some are in better taste than others, and some like the above, are traditional, I prefer traditional myself. Of course lets not forget the ones that look like they were patterned by an artist from Mad Magazine. Thanks for the great photo's and blog. Later!


Level 5

I found this read very fascinating. One of my personal favorite presidents, and a beautiful medal made in his honor. Thanks for the informative blog! cheers, NumisMaster

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