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09 Oct 2020

Coin Thoughts #103 by "SUN"

Medals | "SUN"



The obverse was the work of Marc Mellon. The artist, Mellon, is internationally known. His works includes bronze busts of Pope John Paul II, President George H. W. Bush, and other known people. Mellon also designed the NBA MVP Trophy and the WNBA Trophy. Mellon tried to project a thoughtful Barak Obama.

The reverse depicts the Official Presidential Inaugural Committee Seal. This is the first time the Inaugural Seal has appeared on a medal.


The obverse design was sculptured by Brooklyn, NY artist Peter Hansen. The design follows the tradition of including the Vice-President on the medal.

The reverse design was done internally at Medalcraft Mint. The January 21, date refers to the public ceremony. Because Jan. 20th was a Sunday, and there being no precedent for a public swearing in on Sunday, Obama took the oath of office at the White House on Jan. 20th and repeated it on Monday, Jan. 21st.

Both medals were struck at Medalcraft Mint in Green Bay, WI.

This concludes my blogs on Official Inaugural Medals. I collected the medals because of the Office of the President, and not the person. Remember, Official Inaugural Medals are authorized by the Inaugural committee.



Level 5

Nice medals. My grandpa gave me a nice Jimmy Carter inaugural medal collection from 1977.


Level 5

I own the Kennedy one but that's the only one I have due to my collection. Great post Sun, I enjoyed the medals for sure and the history behind them!


Level 6

Nice looking medals! You have an amazing collection going on! Thanks for sharing these ; )

Long Beard

Level 5

Inaugural medals appear to be rising in popularity as of late with collectors realizing their beauty and historical significance. Very nice.


Level 6

Great blog Sun. It has been a nice series to read about and enjoy the medals themselves. I favor the reverse of the second medal. Just me. Looking forward to your next series. Thanks.

It's Mokie

Level 6

You have a beautiful collection of inaugural medals. Have you displayed them at a show?


Level 6

Yes I have exhibited at shows.


Level 5

love the medals! keep it up! Cheers, NM

I don't know what else they would do, but I would like to see some difference in the obverse other than just the president and vice president's face overlapping each other. The reverse is stunning!


Level 5

I collect many medals, but to date, I haven't added any inauguration medals to my collection. They are attractive medals, though, and I enjoy other people writing about their medals!


Level 5

The office of the President, I admit to not having any of the inaugural medals but I sure do like em. Thanks Sun! Later!


Level 5

Very nice collection of Medals. Didn't really know anything about presidential inaugural medals. It always is interesting to find out the collecting interests of other numismatics. All of us seem to have different specialties and areas we collect. And we all somehow went down a numismatic path to where we are today. I always get interested in what others are doing, and this makes me investigate other areas, that I would not normally look into. Which of course makes me learn a little bit more about the never ending hobby we enjoy.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

A very handsome medal!


Level 7

Those are very attractive medals . The reverse design is beautiful. They did great work on thee. You have a great collection going. This are class medals.

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