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12 Dec 2020

Coin Thoughts #108 by "SUN"

Library | "SUN"


One thing I regret doing is selling most my library when I retired and moved to a warmer climate. Once in a while, I will buy a copy of a book that I had in the past. With some patience you can built a nice library at a small cost.

This past month I won some great bargains off of ebay. The first library addition cost $2.99 plus taxes and shipping. The lot included a "new" condition 50th Anniversary edition of the "RED BOOK" (will compare this with the 75th edition In a couple of years). Also included was a "new" condition 1988 edition of "COINS QUESTIONS & ANSWERS" by Clifford Mishler. I once had an older edition, but thought it might be a good book for blog ideas. The seller also threw in a Whitman booklet , "LETS COLLECT PAPER MONEY."

What I believe was my best bargain is "A BUYER'S AND ENTHUSIST'S GUIDE TO FLYING EAGLE AND INDIAN CENTS" by Q. David Bowers. This cost me $5 postpaid. ( It cost the seller $3.33 to mail it). This 1998 book was also in "new" condition. It had the original $35 invoice inside the front cover. I once saw a copy of this book sell for $60. This book goes hand in hand with The Official Red Book "A GUIDE BOOK OF FLYING EAGLE AND INDIAN HEAD CENTS" by Rick Snow. You can not go wrong with a book written by Q. David Bowers.

The third bargain I once owned was "ADVENTURES WITH RARE COINS" by Q. David Bowers. Once again, I was the only bidder at $4 plus taxes and shipping. This book was in "nearly new" condition. One of my favorite books on coins and their stories.

All together with price of the books with taxes and shipping the cost was less than $20. Great additions to my library and good reading this winter.



Level 5

I currently read my grandfather's small library of coin books. I will start mine when the time comes.


Level 6

I love having a nice collection of coinage books! One thing for sure though...they can really start to take up space ; ) haha

Used books are some of cheapest, but most valuable things to have in collecting and life. The ANA's book sale offers incredible stuff for $1 or less and you can build a sizable library with just one go. Hopefully you can get your library back together in the future.

Any book by Dave Bowers is worth the price.


Level 6

I need more space to get more books. I hate reading them online but may be forced to. Thanks, great blog.


Level 5

I have always been taken by Indian head cents, so I ill have to check this one out. Thanks SUN! Cheers.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Nice!!! I am trying to put a limit on my Library growth by giving away a book for every new book I purchase. This includes giving away earlier editions if I buy a new edition. I find this a great way to help YNs and casual collectors get more invigorated.


Level 7

I took a lesson from you. I donated my magazine's to the local library. They were pleased to happen. Now there building up again because of covid. I will get them there as soon as it opens.. They said there was a great interest. They never saw them before. Thanks Sun.

Long Beard

Level 5

It's refreshing to read blogs about numismatic books. Which I have an extensive library largely in hardcover as I'm a purist when it comes to books. First edition, first prints when I find them. Enjoyed this!


Level 5

I once got a book for a dollar plus shipping from E-bay. It was a hardcover replacement for a paperback book I had. Great deals can be had on e-bay.


Level 5

Ok, I'm having a Duh, slap my forehead moment. I had not thought to do that. Ok, thanks for bringing me away from the pack and back to the light. I'm gonna look for some books I'm missing that way. Thanks for the blog and slapping some sense in this old guys noggin. Later!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Id love to have two books on Flying Eagle cents. Those are all very nice titles to own


Level 5

Nice pickups! During this tedious quarantine it is really fun to have a good selection of numismatic books at hand. I really wish that the ANA library was still open


Level 5

Great finds. I should have a library of books and plan to work on it. I hope to help our coin club with a library. Hopefully our club can have some great references and reading material for coin collector's.

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