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12 Jan 2021

Coin Thoughts #111 by "SUN"

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I hope other collector's mail service is better than mine. I received five "COIN WORLD" this week in the mail. Before this week, I had received one since Thanksgiving. The Civil War Token Society issued an email for late delivery of the latest issue. Beside late delivery, many times my mail does arrive until 6 PM.


The more you think about time the longer it feels.

Long Beard

Level 5

I have something coming at least three times per week via USPS, coins/medals primarily, and have only had minor delays by a day or two. In all of last year only two shipments were delayed by three weeks stuck in Maryland. So overall I'm satisfied, or lucky you could say, that this has been the extent of my dealing with the postal service.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Hopefully in a week or two they will clear the system. It took 20 days for me to get a two day priority package of coins


Level 6

I'm just the opposite of Stumpy. My Mayflower was in the mail the day after I sadly ordered it. The Medal I ordered before the Mayflower took about a month. Oh well. NGC had it even longer.


Level 5

I still haven't received the latest Errorscope.


Level 5

I have noticed that priority mail is taking a couple of days longer than normal. First-class is taking weeks. I wouldn't ship anything media mail right now. My local post office says that they are back to normal but the hubs are where the log jam is.


Level 7

There are big problems. Some have cleared up. But my son got a letter postmarked Nov,3. He received it the third week of December. My wife's birthday postmarked Nov. 6 I think. Got it the week before Christmas. Two gifts still have not been delivered. . It will clear up. Post office had a sign up no more packages!!


Level 5

Ive seen some delays but not long. Bought a couple coins on ebay where tracking said delayed. Must be a lot of mail out there or something is wrong. Hopefully coin mail will be fine.


Level 5

Packages, letters, Magazines, they are all hit and miss. All of my coin purchases since Mar 2020, have been on-line. Some from the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, others through various on-line coin dealers, e-bay, and Amazon. Most of the time I get the products fairly quickly, but I have noticed a difference since the first of the year, it's been like many of the carriers have decided to have "Issues" since 2021 started. The US Mint has been the worst offender, it took over 31 days to receive the Mayflower coins, because the Mint didn't mail them out, not due to carrier issues. The Royal Canadian Mint has the best record during this time period. I have ordered five different shipments from them and they have all arrived within 10 days, they package their coins carefully as well. Thanks for raising this subject. I am also interested in how others are faring during this time. Later!

It is hit or miss, some magazines I have gotten even early, but others I've been waiting for weeks .


Level 5

Wow. I have been experiencing similar delays. Hopefully the quarter album I ordered a few days ago comes in on time. But the safety of the delivery workers is top priority, so they can take their time. Thanks for the update!

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