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13 Apr 2021

Coin Thoughts #113 by "SUN"

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On this date in 1743 Thomas Jefferson was born.

Last year in my 60+ years of collecting I did not order anything from the U.S. Mint. By greatly increases their prices, the Mint will lose more customers.

Taking a look at the new 75th edition of the REDBOOK, some what disappoints me. Three years ago, I brought it to Whitman Publications attention that the listing for the 2017 Boys Town half was wrong. They listed the Uncirculated version for San Francisco mint and the Proof version for Denver, it should be the other way around. Whitman said they would correct it, they still have not. I took a look at the listing for one of my favorite coins, an 1872 two cent piece, the valuations are way off. I think the REDBOOK is a great reference book, but errors are increasing in the data.



Level 4

the red book is great for novice collectors.


Level 5

Sorry to hear how business just seems to be lazy now. They do not seem to care about quality.


Level 6

It seems like companies and customer service in general has just gone down hill for awhile. They just don't seem to care. They have plenty of money and a large customer pool. Thanks Sun, I really enjoyed your blog! ; )


Level 6

I don't feel that any published book can be accurate on price I am truly interested in a coin I use eBay's sold auctions. Also all the big guy auction houses finished auctions. To bad Whitman doesn't correct itself. I am sure there are more errors than the one you picked up. Thanks Sun. Nice thoughts. The mint sucks. It's that simple.

Mr. B Coins

Level 4

Great coin. Thanks for the warning. Mr. B

Long Beard

Level 5

Glad to see you're still with us, it's been a while! I myself buy an occasional Red Book for what it is. A generalized reference of updated coinage from year to year. I myself have noticed many years ago that the values were off considerably. The reason being it is an annual publication and the market fluctuates faster than they can gather information. But I feel your frustrations.


Level 6

I have just been quiet. Need to think about what to write.

C.D. Harrell

Level 4

I personally prefer the hard bound Red Book instead of the spiral bound version. I do wish the book stores and online platforms offering the Red Book would make the hard bound version the normal offering.

I don't but anything from the U.S. Mint because... well... what you said. The stuff is way too overpriced, and they also don't have any Morgan dollars.

And Whitman probably doesn't correct the things in the Red Book because they don't want people to see a difference in two copies of the same book. I think they wait until next book to correct the errors.


Level 5

Not fixing an error when notified is rather lazy on their part. They have a good thing going, just like the mint did. Sometimes they take their business for granted, and then when it drops act surprised.


Level 5

I completely agree with Mike on this one... He said it all better than I could hope to. Thanks for another interesting blog!


Level 7

I have to agree with you. I'm disappointed in the mint and the Red Book for 2022. It's missing quarters . Some coins to up to MS.63. I know it's a guide but a poor one this year. The prices this year will be horrific. The ASE. And the Morgan and Peace Dollar. All the different versions the mint will put out and your going to say I have to have it. No you dont Wait till the prices drop.. Thanks Sun.

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