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27 Jan 2018

Coin Thoughts #43 by "SUN"

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This little paperback  book was written by Richard G. Doty with a copyright date of 1976.  It had a price of $1.95. I was fortunate to have the author autograph the book April 8. 1989, when he attended the opening of the Byron Reed Coin Collection at the Western Heritage Museum In Omaha, Nebraska.

The book's 38 chapters has 350 photos of coins in its 158 pages. I have to say, the print is probably the smallest I have seen in a book.  The book gives a brief history of coins from different countries and regions of the world. The following is a paragraph from the section of The Indian Subcontinent.

This vast area, comprising more than a fifth of humankind, has a very long period of coinage, perhaps extending as far back as the sixth century B.C., a coinage which has shown the marks of the repeated invasions to which the area has been subject.

The book then goes on to describe the  coins during that period all the way to the 1970's.  It is a great little book on the overview of the history of coins through out the world.  Probably, not too many of these books still exist.



Level 6

What a cool little book! I can tell it's one of your favorites! And it's autographed too! Can't get better than that!


Level 6

I was lucky enough to buy 2 older books a few weeks ago. Even found a Red Book from 1969 and a Mexican coins from 1886 to Present(1964). They are great to own! Thanks


Level 6

This book sounds like it would be a good reference even now. I will search for a copy.


Level 5

I will have to look for a copy of this. As a world coin collector I am always looking for english language books on world coins. There are a lot of books out there but they can be hard to track down.


Level 7

Sounds like a handy book that we could use . The one thing we don't have alot of are books on coins of the world. And believe me we could use them. Thanks for the information. And an autograph. And a good price to. Thanks again Mike.

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