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10 Mar 2018

Coin Thoughts #45 by "SUN"

Exonumia | "SUN"


Towns across America have issued medals and "good for" tokens to celebrate their centennials and other anniversaries of the town founding.  These medals/tokens often show a scene of the past and the present. It has been 50 years since I added this "good for" to my collection from my home town.

Collectors can have many hours of enjoyment collecting these medals/tokens of the state or county where they live, or maybe one from each state.


Michael Marotta

Level 4

Coins are sometimes the only record of rulers such as Roman generals with imperial aspirations as well as minor kings and princes. This token from Atlantic, Iowa, is an artifact of a town that no one would know about (except those in or around Atlantic.). However, I googled it, and read about it in Wikipedia. Thanks for the opportunity!


Level 6

What a great idea! That is really something special to have. Thanks for a nice blog and photo's!


Level 6

Nice one. I have my eye on one from my hometown.. Thanks!!


Level 6

I did it. I won the token from my home town...Thanks for the inspiration.!


Level 4

Great idea, to have a set. I have a couple from Alaska from 1967.


Level 7

It's done almost everywhere. The one you have for fifty years is to be cherished. I bet every time you look at it the memories come back. Great idea for a collection all the states. Enjoyed it. Mike.


Level 6

Some of those medals are attractive & make nice sets. 1 from each state is a good idea.

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