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05 Jan 2019

Coin Thoughts #63 by "SUN"

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I ran across a article comparing coin collectors and numismatists. I thought I would share my take on this topic.

 I believe a coin collector is a person that will accumulate coins to complete a series. The collector will organize his/her collection in folders, albums and 2 x 2 holders. The collector will enjoy the hobby by plugging holes and keeping track of the monetary value of his/her collection.  Most collectors will not be a member of a national, regional, or specialized club. They might be a member of a local club if there is one available.

A numismatist is a person that studies and collect coins, tokens, medals, paper money and other related items. A numismatist will go beyond accumulating items by building a library to study and research the items in his/her collection.  This research will provide personal value (not just monetary value) by learning the history or story behind the items in his/her collection. A numismatist will enjoy sharing his/her knowledge with others.

What are you? A coin collector or a numismatist.  When do you feel you become a numismatic? 


Prodigy Coins

Level 4

I know this is an old blog, but I enjoyed it very much.


Level 4

Working hard on becoming a numismatist at age 64.


Level 4

I think the difference is in what you value in it. If you just value the coin because it completes a set, or because it looks pretty, or because it’s expensive, or because it’s in high demand, but you know little else about it, you’re a collector. Nothing inherently wrong with being a collector. It’s fun. But in my opinion, you’re missing out. If, however, you value the knowledge behind it, the history and culture it represents, the technology it took to make it... if you enjoy researching it... you are probably a numismatist, or close to becoming one. There’s a reason the ANA has books and the lamp of knowledge in its logo. Good blog, thanks!


Level 5


I think one can be both. I consider myself a Numismatist for Ancient and Anglo-Saxon coins, as I have written several award-winning articles for national numismatic publication on subjects within those fields. But I am also a collector - Pidcock tokens, Jefferson nickels, AtB quarters, coins of places I have visited and coins minted between 1492 and 1503 (the Papacy of Alexander VI).


Level 5

I consider myself both. There are certain parts of my collection that I heavily research but other that I just collect.


Level 6

I feel I am a numismatist. I also believe we are all collectors to some extent. I believe Dave Bowers says if you stick it out for 6 years you are a numismatist. I enjoy VAM's so that says it all.. Great blog. I enjoyed it..


Level 6

A numismatist studies coins & likes to know the history behind them. A collector collects.


Level 7

Numismatist.. For many different reasons. Yes I collect coins. But i study each one. I research the coin token or medal. I look up the history of them but they still have to be taken care of. Yes they go in flips and slabs and yes I like a wide variety of coins . My mentor said don't put all your eggs in one basket diversify. This way you learn more about all sorts of coinage. I don't sell my coins. I enjoy taking them out and going over them. Some of my blogs I update it I find something new. Those of you who have read some of my blogs know I don't put prices in them. Because the value is what they bring to you. That's the true value of a coin not how much you spent. I believe I became one about a year into collecting . When I met my mentor. He taught about value of coins the true value. He asked me what do you know about this coin I didn't know anything. That's when things changed. Great blog great question I enjoyed reading the comments also. Research and history books that's the answer. Thanks for this very interesting blog. Mike

numismatists hands down. collecting is just part of it, but research, and books is part of it as well.


Level 4

Myself, an up in age beginner coin collector. :-) Great blog entry. Thank you.

If you collect long enough you will become a numismatist.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I agree with well worn copper.


Level 6

I would say I'm a Coin Collector. Although I do enjoy reading and learning about my collections. Just not into alot of technical information. Thanks for a good blog!

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

I agree. I am working on getting more books though. for example, I really need the Red Book for type sets.


Level 4

My grandmother started me collecting coins when she bought two Whitman penny albums in 1960 (if I remember correctly). My first article was published in The Numismatist in 1969 and I attended the second annual summer seminar in 1970. Those tow events mark my evolution from a collector to a numismatist.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Excellent descriptions, I like to think of myself as a Numismatist. I think pretty much everyone I have encountered on this Blog is also a Numismatist or a budding Numismatist. That's what makes it so interesting to read everyone's blogs and everyone's responses to blogs.


Level 6

I agree.

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