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05 Mar 2019

Coin Thoughts #67 by "SUN"

Library | "SUN"


I enjoy reading before I turn the lights off at night, so I have a number of different reading material in my bedside stand.

I thought I would share with you what you would find next to my bed. You will find a variety of magazines plus a few books. I usually have a book in the stand written by Q. David Bowers. Presently, I am reading his latest book on the people behind the making of Civil War Tokens. The book of over 250 pages is chuck full of information on the production of the tokens. If you are a member of the Civil War Token Society, the cost of the book is just $5, what a great bargain.

You will find two "bibles" in my bedside stand. The coin collectors "bible" known as the "A GUIDE BOOK OF UNITED STATES COINS,' also, known as the "REDBOOK." I also have the "HOLY BIBLE' and daily devotional to round out my reading.



Level 6

I received mine a few days ago. Another great book from Q. David Bowers! I like your choice of nightstand books ; )


Level 6

Is this book only available from the CWT Soc? I couldn't find it on Amazon.


Level 6

I am not sure. Non members can order it at CWTsociety.com for $19.95.

Five dollars is a bargain. This looks like an excellent read. Information on civil war tokens from small towns and small metropolitan areas are quite hard to find and to find information on them.


Level 6

I got mine yesterday. I accidentally let my CWTS membership laps. I discovered and corrected this as I ordered this great book. Another hit. Nice reading selections. Thanks.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I love to read about coins too. I currently have the Redbook Guide to Lincoln Cents at my reading table and I have my full numismatic library in my Man Corner. Mr. Bowers book looks fascinating, he is certainly one of the most prodigious authors (in any field) and despite his output, the quality always remains very high.


Level 5

I just got my copy in the mail last week. Honestly, it may be a little while before I actually start reading it.


Level 7

Well donate one I have to buy since I collect them. I appreciate . I have his two previous they were good. I am a member so five dollars is a bargain. Thanks


Level 5

I joined to get this book as well as The Civil War Tokens of Rhode Island. For a total of $28, I could not see how I could go wrong.

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