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02 Jul 2019

Coin Thoughts #76 by "SUN"

Library | "SUN"


The biggest mistake I have made in this hobby was selling most of my coin books when I moved 1100 miles after retirement. I am slowly building up my library again.

They say "Buy the book, before the coin." I don't think a lot of new collectors follow this advice. There are bargains to be found.

I was able to purchase these two books 4 days apart on ebay. Including shipping, the price was less than $25. It was interesting to follow the routes the two books took to get to my house. The two books were sold by different people. Both books started at the USPS processing center in Jersey City, NJ. The Virgil Brand book was purchased first. This book went from Jersey City to Salt Lake City, UT, then to Billings, MT, to Denver, CO, then to West Valley City, UT, to Provo, UT and then to my local post office.

The 100 Greatest Medals book took the more direct route. Jersey City, NJ, then to Salt Lake City, UT, to Provo, UT and then to my local post office. It was sent four days after the Virgil Brand book, but arrived a day earlier.

Buying a coin book to me is just as rewarding as adding a coin to my collection. You never can have too many books!



Level 5

Agree with all of the comments. Books are a must for the knowledge of any collector.


Level 7

I have one of the books. I love it. It has the Inca I need and I'm looking for. The other volume also. The ones on America's Greatest 100 coins . Those I like. Thanks for a good blog. I enjoyed it.

Prodigy Coins

Level 4

You need coin books to have a coin collection.

Have both of these books, and love them both. Looks like I'm not the only one who finds cheap enjoyment in following tracking history. I've ordered books the next state over, only to watch them make a right turn and head 400 miles north for no logic explanation whatsoever. A good book, however, is always worth the wait.


Level 4

Very nice.


Level 5

Montana is beautiful this time of year, the book just wanted to visit for a bit.

A numismatic library is essential for a numismatic collection


Level 6

I love checking out the tracking info. Some times it is just crazy. Like these two. Never seen that token/medal book. Can't beat the authors.. Thanks. Good to be able to comment again..

It's Mokie

Level 6

Could not agree more, I really enjoy my little library and am often at my rocking chair at night reading about Patterns, or Bust Dollars, or some other interesting thing. Books are an indispensable companion to my collecting.

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