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26 Sep 2019

Coin Thoughts #80 by "SUN"

Exonumia | "SUN"


I enjoy seeing blogs on people receiving items in the mail. It is always nice to add to your collection.

As some of you know, I collect numismatic items with my surname on them. This past week I was able to add two items to my collection. It has been over a year since I found anything, then I was able to acquire an 1847 cent with D. A. Drake counter-stamped on it, and Good For token from Bartlett, Texas with Sam F. Drake

Happy Collecting! "SUN" Southern Utah Numismatist



Level 5

Interesting finds and nice to add to your collection.


Level 5

Very nice! I love mail call!


Level 4

Nice. I also enjoy hearing about peoples mail calls. I think I do a lot of those kind of blogs!


Level 6

Cool. I just got the new CWTS newsletter in the mail. Time to check for more...

It's Mokie

Level 6

I knew a couple named Miller that had their home full of Miller Beer related items. Definitely a fun way to collect, Very cool to find a counterstamped Drake, do you have many others with counterstamps?


Level 6

Yes. I have an 1848 cent and an 1857 quarter.


Level 7

Those are very nice. I like The fact that one has a counter stampe. on it. And the Drake is in great condition. It took a while but your wait was rewared. Terrific!!

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