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27 Nov 2019

Coin Thoughts #83 by "SUN"

Exonumia | "SUN"


I want to wish my fellow collectors a "Happy Thanksgiving". This Civil War Token has the complete Thanksgiving meal, turkey and vegetables.

The token is known as New York City, NY630cc-4a.



Level 5

Very cool token and so appropriate.


Level 3

What a cool picture! All it needs is stuffing. :)


Level 6

I was try to think of a Thanksgiving coin. It figures you had one. Happy Turkey Day all.


Level 5

Thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving to you also.

A nice sentiment to remember in the midst of a war, and everyday for that matter. Happy TG.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Yumm, a delicious token. (:


Level 5

What a cool and seasonally appropriate token. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the other ANA bloggers who will read your post!


Level 7

Thanks. I knew there had to be a coin or token with a turkey on it. I checked my Cival War Token book looking. I missed it but I am glad you found it. To think he was almost our National Bird. A happy Thanksgiving to all yours. Thanks.

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