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09 Aug 2020

Coin Thoughts #96 by "SUN"

Exonumia | "SUN"


One of my collecting passion is collecting encased cents(coins) from Nebraska, where I lived most my life, Utah, where I moved to after retirement, and South Dakota, where my Daughter's family lives. I believe, I have the largest Nebraska encased collection, having 275 different encasements out 400 known to me. The Utah collection is 27 out of 82, while the South Dakota collection is 48 out of 113 known to me.

Surprisingly, I acquired this encasement die, and I do not have an encasement from this location in my collection. I found a picture of what the stock die would look like,, used with this encased cent.

When traveling to our daughter's home, we often drive through The Rosebud Indian Reservation, it is located in south central South Dakota, just north of Nebraska. The Rosebud Indian Reservation was established by the Treaty of Fort Laramie in 1868. The Reservation is the home of about 10,500 Sicangu Oyala, the Upper Bruto Sioux Nation, a branch of the Lakota Sioux people.

Reference: Wikepedia.org


Doug S.

Level 4

Fascinating story. Very rare collection Im sure. Thanks for sharing.

Cool collection you have. I have like a dozen or so encased cents also and a die would be a cool addition for me to someday make.


Level 6

Sun, are there any reference books on these?


Level 6

There are a few books. Some collectors have made listings for the states that they live in or collect. I believe the interest in encased cents has decline. Most of this listing are over 20 years old. I maintain a listing on my computer.


Level 6

Those are very cool. When I first saw you die picture I thought that is one think something. You definitely need to find an encased cent from it. I have a few of these. My favorite is from a guy named Steve. Thanks.


Level 7

Many people are collecting dies . I found this out in coin world a while ago. Like Sun said you can buy them on ebay. I have one of a blank cent.It has the did number and the cent it didn't make. I think Sun you probably have the biggest collection of these known. I always liked the and the elongated cent. I would keep going. It's part of our history. Thanks Mike

Dies are not really collected, but I sure think they add something special to any collection, especially an encased one.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Very cool, how did you obtain the die?


Level 6


I. R. Bama

Level 5

That is very cool! I have one or two but never knew the correct term for them. That one there is really priceless I am sure with all the wonderful memories. I'd love to hear the story of how you acquired the die


Level 6



Level 5

Awesome collection you must have. I have a couple encased cents and have thought about starting a collection. Most are inexpensive and fun to have.

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