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15 Sep 2020

Coin Thoughts #99 by "SUN"

Medals | "SUN"


It has been since April, I blogged about official inaugural medals. I started with President Eisenhower and planned to go through President Obama by election time. President Trump did not have one issued. I do have the medals, the photos are copied from the internet.


The obverse of the medal has Bill Clinton facing left, while the reverse depicts "America the Beautiful" with a small Presidential Seal.

Designer: Jesse Wallace Corsault

Company: Hoffman & Hoffman

Mintage: 70mm bronze, 13,838


Keeping with tradition, the second medal includes the Vice-President, Al Gore. Gore is in profile, while Clinton is 3/4 view facing right. The reverse has a spread eagle to commemorate the passing our great Nation into the next century.

Designer: Don Everhart II

Company: Medallic Art Company

Mintage: 70mm bronze, 18,000



Level 5

The medal is really nice, I had never really considered the Presidential Inaugural Medals as collectable, and I see that I should have. Thanks.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Very cool, I have not seen those medals before, I wonder why President Trump chose not to have an inaugural medal, seems like it would have been popular. I see that PCGS is slabbing ASEs with Trump or Biden on the label. A bit too much in my opinion.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Hadn't seen these. Thanks for sharing about them.


Level 5

Nice presidential medals. Low mintage of both medals. Collecting Presidential medals would be a great area of collecting. I suppose there are quite a few people that collect in this area. Thanks for posting the medals. Enjoyed seeing these.

Next one's 100! I like the 1993 medal better, the reverse is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


Level 7

Those are great medals that company makes some of the best Medallic. I like the obverse but the reverse is very well done. Its very nice collection you have. Thanks for sharing them .

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