1939 Proof Jeffereson

17 Mar 2017

Completed my proof years of Jefferson Nickels. The 1939 proof nickel had a mintage of 12,535.



Level 5

Very nice. You think they will last 78 years? I would hope coins might last a lot longer.


Level 5

Awesome coin!


Level 6

Proof Jeffersons are so underrated. Pretty coin.


Level 6

Congratulations on your completed set! Great job!


Level 7

That's the way to do it. End on a high note.Mike.


Level 6

Congratulations on your completion of the set. Nicely done!! That's a very low mintage. Very well done!! Thanks.


Level 4

That's amazing! It is great how, if taken care of, proofs can last more than 78 years!

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