Mercury Dime MS66

09 Jun 2017

Working on uncirculated Mercury Dimes from 1934-1945. Four more to go.


AC coin$

Level 6

As I see I learn. Magnificent coin


Level 5

Beautiful coins. Enjoy seeing sets like this. Gives the rest of us inspiration!

Fantastic blazing white dime!


Level 5

Keep going!


Level 3

That's super cool! The coin as my profile pic is a 1937 MS-66 dime PCGS!


Level 6

Great start! I'm on my way collecting Mercury Dimes...all date but all with FB and toned! Have fun with yours!


Level 6

That's a beautiful set. Which coins do you need?


Level 6

1934-D & 1936-D


Level 6

Great start. Good luck on the rest!!


Level 7

Well your off to a great start. That's a beauty. I know you can do it lots of luck with it and enjoy it. Mike

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