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23 May 2021

Chronicles of a Numismatist: Seeking Alpha

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Good afternoon this Sunday. It is a beautiful day here in Florida and thought I would post when I have not posted in some time. I thought last year was nuts? It has been a fun roller coaster this year. I took 5 months to reflect on my collection. Last year I made it a point to halt coin buying to analyze where I have come from and what my future plans are. I am unsure how many of us do this, as I know many who enjoy the thrill of hoarding or mass collecting. While I have enjoyed the sheer enormity of what the collection grew to I determined it was unsatisfactory in the over all grand picture and purpose. I could keep what I have or I could use it... use it to seek alpha.This is where I am now. I am in the beginning stages of essentially trading many - for few, or one. Sounds crazy, Sounds Insane, however for me I want quality. Actually I am like Pokemon’ for coin collecting in that “I gotta have them all” but I want to begin a process that I am sure is riddled with the skeletons of previous coin collectors but understanding something that they obviously did not possess and that is contentment.Seems counter intuitive to be content while verbally spewing “I am seeking alpha”. But I present this alternative reasoning, non contentment breeds poor decisions; while contentment breeds long term alpha. I don’t want this shiny widget here, or this modern piece there, or this lack luster semi key over yonder... contentment in one piece at a time. If that piece which is to be next never arises then so be it. Would I then go for the next piece? At what cost? If the cost is to still move forward and not worry about the needed piece then possibly, but if the cost is due to a lack of patience and just an insatiable need to buy coins and fill up the collection then my answer is going to be- No Coin Purchase. This is different than just having a plan and a defined list of coins... this is absolute contentment. Getting the collection to a point where I say, content from here on out. Reviewing annually to see where I am versus where I still have holes and taking time deciding what would be the next strategic purchase. Maybe it would be 5 years in between purchases but the strategic opportunities at that moment far and away excel and exceed than in a short term “drug addiction” to buying coins.I am not saying I am through purchasing coins, I am saying I am quieting down the coin buying demons to allow for alpha in my collection. Pieces will be considerably more expensive, far more rarer and that much more out of grasp than I have ever purchased. But in setting a goal and going for it, it will manifest. I was able to acquire a clashed die 2016 Silver Eagle recently for a price, if stated, would cause everyone to seek their dentist due to lock jaw of a mouth wide open. Purpose is not to brag but to say I focused hard on that coin, researching and studying and watching and from a source totally unexpected I was able to acquire said piece. Such a dramatic error. But it taught me a lesson that because of due diligence and contentment, as I started this mental exercise, I was able to be relaxed and calm and ready for the ultimate purchase of my lifetime... well second one as I had just purchased the 2008 rev 2007 Silver Eagle MS69 for a redonkeytron price too. No, not ebay, Yes from reputable dealers. So for now I leave with this new approach for me. And so we are all clear, contentment means too.. If I were to never purchase another coin - then - I - am - content. (I am not there yet but that is the goal... total contentment).

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