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28 Nov 2019

Amazing Birthday Present :)

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I just recently turned sixteen, and I was surprised to open a card from someone, and discover... a beautiful, beautiful, red, mint state, 1909 S VDB 1 cent!!! And not only is that a hard coin to find, especially in that condition, but also, my dad and I are working to fill his grandfather's old penny books, and that is one of the last ones that we need! So now we get to add a real 1909 S VDB cent to our collection! It was a totally surprise, and super, super nice! What an awesome birthday present! :)Short blog post, I know, but I wanted to take a few minutes and check back with y'all before I turn to helping bake our Thanksgiving dinner. :) Have a happy Thanksgiving!!! :)



Level 4

wow! wish my parents were collectors


Level 3

That sounds great. And happy birthday.


Level 3

Holy cow

Wow! That is a great gift! I'm sure you will cherish it for a long time.


Level 4

Happy 16th! That is an amazing present too! You have a great family!


Level 5

What a great birthday addition.


Level 3

What a Birthday Present! Congratulations and keep us posted when you finish the Lincoln Cent collection


Level 5

Wow! That coin will always remind you of how you got it. It is the stuff that you will tell your children and your children's children!


Level 6

Happy Birthday. You YN's are amazing. First one of you guys finds a type 1 1917 Standing Liberty Quarter and you get a '09-S VDB Cent.. What a nice gift...


Level 5

That is an amazing birthday present, Happy Birthday and enjoy 16!!!!

Mike B

Level 6

I'm glad for you. My birthday is in September!!! That's a great gift I'm sure you will cherish such a c oin. It's nice to know your working with your dad on the set. My son and I worked on the nickel set the silver coins all B.U the Key dates it's fun. Picking out the nice coins. I wish you luck and a happy birthday. Mike

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