ZanzibarCoins's Blog

24 Nov 2020

On School and Coins

| ZanzibarCoins

Hey y'all! I promise, I am not dead. :) I have just been struggling to balance senior year, with a bunch of AP classes, as well as an after school job, and, so far this year, haven't had (literally, actually none) any free time to myself. Like, at all. It's kind of crazy, how much time senior year demands of you (especially the homework, oy), and then when you add a job that runs from after school into the night, by the time you get home... basically there's time to eat dinner, and then work on your homework for the next day, and then collapse into your bed. So this is going to be an interesting year, but I'm hoping to figure out my schedule enough to have time for blog posts, and being active on here. Maybe if I can whack my homework out at night, and manage to not have any on the weekends, then I can blog then. We shall see. :)

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