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02 Sep 2019

Book Reviews: Coins and Collectors, and A Kid's Guide to Collecting Coins

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Hey y'all, here are a few more book reviews. :) The first one is by none other than Q. David Bowers, and the second (although it is a book for kids, so younger YNs, not for everyone on here) :) is by Arlyn G. Sieber. Let's get started! :)

The first book is called Coins and Collectors, and it is by, as I said earlier, Q. David Bowers. This book, just to state things right off the bat lol, is not really a book that falls into the category of the "buy the book before the coin" books. This book is, basically, a story book. But what a story book it is! This review of it is based on the Golden Anniversary Edition, Second Edition. I have read this book several times, and I have enjoyed it every time. Q. David Bowers writes incredibly well, whether he is writing on the history of a coin, as in certain books, or whether he is telling a story, like in this book. The stories are absolutely riveting, and also incredibly fascinating. The title, "Coins and Collectors" gives you a sort of hint as to what the stories will be about. The book is 404 pages long, and chockfull of fascinating stories about coins and collectors. From the 1804 silver dollar, to the king of coins, this book has stories about all sorts of things that fall under the category of numismatics. Even the cover picture is interesting. It shows someone in a hot air balloon. Now, that probably makes no sense, seeing as hot air balloons really don't normally have anything to do with numismatics. But in this case, in one of the stories in the book, it does. However, I mustn't spoil things, so you are going to have to read it yourself to find out. :) I truly enjoy this book, and someday, I hope to add it to my personal library. For now however, I must simply be happy with checking it out from my town's public library (over and over again. :) I have this book "bookmarked" in my library account, because I always want to be able to find it easily.) :). I highly suggest this book for any collector who enjoys a good story about something you love. Of course, it's kind of past the time to recommend this as a book to curl up with during the summer when it's too hot outside to do anything out there, but you can still enjoy it during the fall, or, if you're a YN, you can enjoy it over breaks, like I do. :)

The second book is called A Kid's Guide to Collecting Coins, and it is by Arlyn G. Sieber. It is, as the title says, for kids, so if you are ... above a certain age :), you might not need to read it. :) This book is probably mostly for younger YNs. I know that it is a kids book, so it might not make sense that I am putting it up here in a book review, when it falls to such a small category of people reading this, but I read it a while ago, and it was really helpful when I was just starting, so if you are a younger YN, and you are looking for some good tips to help you get started, then I recommend this book. If you don't feel like heading to the adult section of your library, then this book is right there where you can find it easily. For a book that is "for kids" it is very well done, and actually quite long (It's almost 100 pages). It makes sense that it is well done of course, being done by Arlyn G. Sieber, but I still figured I should mention it. :) If you are just starting, there really is everything you need to know to start collecting in this book. From the start of your collecting journey, to grading, storing, and more, all laid out in a way that is simple to understand. There are also colored illustrations throughout the book. If you are starting out, I would suggest this book to help you get going. :)

Hope y'all are doing well and that everyone who is in school right now is doing well! (I start Wednesday) :)



Level 3

Sounds like a good read.

I received a copy of the golden anniversary edition of Coins and Collectors, and you are right, it is a great read. After all, numismatics isn't just spreadsheets with values on them. I fount the second book you reviewed helpful when I first started collecting.


Level 6

Any book by Q. David Bowers is worth the time to read. Thanks for your review of these two books. Good luck in school this year..


Level 5

I think everyone should one or read the book "Coins and Collectors" by QDB


Level 6

Great reviews! Thanks for the information! ; )


Level 5

I have a copy of Coins and Collectors and it is a tremendous read. Like you rightly stated, it is not meant to be a primer for a novice collector but it is instead a lively and interesting story of collectors and collecting, sure to bring a smile. Thanks for your excellent reviews.

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