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09 Sep 2020

Calling All YNs!! :)

Young Numismatists Exchange | ZanzibarCoins

Fellow YNs, the auction is coming up soon! And I wanted to say just one thing to y'all...

I am sure that COVID threw a wrench into your plans/life. I know it sure did with mine. And, thanks to it, I don't have as many YN dollars as I would like for this auction, and I am sure that that is true for a lot of us. So please, let's all be respectful of everyone lol. Last year, there were a few YNs who were bidding up lots that they did not want just for fun. But that meant that the winner of the lots that were bid up like that had to pay a lot more than they should've had to in order to win those lots. So please, guys, don't do that this year! That is unfair to people, and makes it harder for people with less YN dollars to win what they want to. And also, I personally think it's kinda rude. So please let's not do that this year! I know there are people with more dollars than me, and there are probably people with less, but let's be fair to everyone. :)

Thanks for y'all's time! Please let's be nice and play fair with everyone this year! :)

Can't wait to see y'all this auction!

~ZC :)



Level 5

Thanks for the advice! Cheers, NM


Level 5

I also have a very minimal amount of YNs. Anyways, I will see you there!


Level 6

Enjoy YNs, it is a small bit of enjoyment after a summer of isolation.


Level 5

Yup, Covid threw a wrench into everyone's plans. Good solid words of advice. The auction seems to be a benefit, not a competition, so enjoy. Good luck to all you YNs and let us know with Blogs and photos how things went. We care. Later!


Level 6

Hope you have a good auction.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

These are good words of advice. Just bid on what you really want, don't bid on things just to see the price goes up. It's called good sportsmanship and it's being kind to each other.

Rock Hound

Level 4

i have none unless you get some when you join


Level 6

Good luck.

I can't wait, this is the only numismatic event I will have been in since before this all started. Good luck!


Level 5

Good luck to all the YN at your auction. Please let the rest of us know how everyone did bidding and what you won !

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