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17 Aug 2019

Coin Book Review: 100 Greatest U.S. Modern Coins, 2nd Edition

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Hey guys! Here's another coin book review for y'all. This one is one of my favorite coin books. If you are a cherry picker, than this book is without a doubt for you. It fulfills the "buy the book before the coin" and it covers many coins at once. The book is huge, about 13"x11", and it is 116 pages long.It starts out with, well, the contents of course. :) I'm kidding. ;D It starts out with two extensive forewords full of full-color photos. The first one is by none other than Kenneth Bressett and the second is by none other than Q. David Bowers. With two well-known, well-published, well-thought-of and knowledgable numismatists praise this book in their forewords you know that this book is a good one. The introduction follows the two forewords, and in the introduction, the two authors, Scott Schechter and Jeff Garrett (who the about the author section says has been an ANA member for more than 30 years now!), explain what modern coins are (those struck from 1964 to date, although they go more into detail than that, of course), what the methods of manufacture are, varieties vs. errors, grading modern coins, and, finally, how the 100 greatest U.S. modern coins were chosen and ranked. Then, the book starts.

For the first ten coins, on every page on the left, there is the coin's name, its ranking number, information about its design (who designed it, and its design, broken down into excessive detail), and then at least five long paragraphs about the coin. Then, on every page on the right, there is a beautiful, stunning, full-color, almost full-page picture of the coin, both its obverse and its reverse. These amazing photographs allow you to see the coin blown out of proportion, so that you can study its design, and look for any flaws that it might have, such as double dies anywhere, and it allows you to see them easily. The frosted cameos, and the deep relief, and the colors of the coin, or the beautiful designs (silver eagles, half eagles, gold eagles, commems, double eagles, etc...)

For coins numbered 11 through 100, each coin gets a full page, part of which at the top has a large, beautiful, high-res photo of it, and then below the photo, and around it, is the same information as for the first ten coins. Each coin, for all 100 of them, at the bottom of the information page, there is a chart of its total certified population, and its most commonly certified grade, and the number in that grade. The chart is divided by NGC and PGS. Then below that chart is listed the mintage figure for the coin, and the retail value in its most common certified grade.

At the very end of the book, after the about the authors, including the about the foreword authors, is the appendix. The appendix contains the rank changes from the first edition, which is interesting. There is an explanation that takes up about a full page, and then there is a 2 and 1/4 list of the order that the coins used to be in in the first edition.

The research that went into this book is amazing, and very well and throughly done. The photos are simply gorgeous. The information is helpful, and the coins' stories are intriguing. The charts and retail price lists are very helpful as well. Basically, the book is fantastic and I highly urge you to check it out from your library, then find somewhere nice and comfortable to read it. Hope you enjoy it! :)


Hmmm, I think I'll try and get that sometime


Level 5

"100 Greatest" books make a nice addition to a collector's library.


Level 4

Oh yeah, this one is in my library. :)

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