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11 Sep 2017

Foreign Coins, Weird, Unusual and Wacky Designs. (Part #1?)

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Hi everyone, this is an article on Weird, Unusual and Wacky Foreign Coins, I hope y'all enjoy it:

Foreign coins are a treasure trove to numismatists. There are over a hundred different countries to choose from. Over a hundred different designs and patterns to collect. There are different metals, different political figures on them,  and different animals too. You name it, and it's probably on some world coin somewhere. :)
   Today I am going to talk about some of the unusual foreign coins out there. There are so many! I am going to list just a few of my favorites. :)
   The Papua New Guinean Kina: The Kina is a gorgeous coin, but there is something distinct about it that I love. Right through the middle of the coin there is a hole. The coin is silver colored, made of nickel plated steel, and has, on one side, (it's kind of hard to distinguish which side is the obverse and which side is the reverse since either side could be either.) :),  a sort of shield around the hole and the inscription: Papua New Guinea" and then the date. On the other side are two salt water crocodiles circling the hole, and on the bottom edge: "K1". The edge is reeded. The reason it has a hole is because, since Papua New Guinea is a slightly poorer country, the people there thread the Kinas on a leather thong and wear them around there neck both as jewelry and to prevent pick pockets. :)
   The next coin is another favorite of mine, the Australian "Holey" Dollar. This coin is about the size of an Eisenhower Dollar, and is quite a unique coin. Why? There is also a hole in the middle of this one, except the hole is larger and wasn't designed to thread a cord through. What goes in the hole is.............another coin!!! :) This coin is very cool! What other coin is there out there that another coin clicks into the middle of?! :) When you push the middle coin in, it clicks in place and stays secure, how neat! I love this coin, and someday, I hope to own one. 
   The next are several different dollar coins from Palau. Some of the ten dollar coins show partial pictures, like you took a photo of an architectural piece and then zoomed way in so that you were only looking at a fraction of the picture, yet in high relief.  Then two of the ten dollar coins, four of the dollar coins, and the five hundred dollar coin are diamond shaped and honor either Navy Battleships (the 10 and 500$ ones), and the others honor political figures and battles. Then, there are two 5 dollar coins that are...........drumroll :)..............heart shaped!!!!!! These two coins have two different designs. The first has two babies on it, an angel and the devil, and has the inscription below: "Good Heavens!" and the date 2007 in the bottom of the heart. It is a silver proof, with a mintage of 2,500, a very low mintage!!!! The second has two baby angels lying side by side, with three hearts rising above their heads. Below them is the inscription: "Missing You...." and the date 2009 along the  side of the heart. The picture of the angels is in color (!!!) and the third heart at the top, the largest, is a crystal!!!!!!!!! Also a silver proof, also with only a mintage of 2,500!!!!!
   That is all the coins for now. Hopefully more to come. :)



Level 6

Coins come in all shapes & sizes.


Level 5

You are so right with world coins representing significant differences from US coins.


Level 6

My Grandpa had a collection of world coins and they are so fun to go through...so many different designs! : )


Level 6

That's the fun of collecting World coins. Many are so different compared to what we are used to. Different shapes, odd designs.


Level 5

Very cool post! I love "world" coins, though some people pronounce that word, "foreign" (to me the word "foreign" usually represents anything that is odd and ought to be shunned. I think "foreign" may become an archaic term before too long in this hobby, especially as more collectors in the USA collect coins from around the foreign, I mean, from around the world! Even though schools will probably still have "foreign" language departments - but I'm OK with that.) I truly believe there will be increased interest in any world issues as the years roll along, with regard to numismatics. Here's hoping I turn out to be right someday (especially on the day I decide to part with my collection!) -Sam Gelberd, ANA Numismatic Educator.


Level 4

I am glad you like the blog. I love world coins!!!


Level 5

I find the circulating coins that are add interesting. But many of the highly advertised, low mintage one are non-circulating and have never been in the "issuing country. I find those a little tedious.


Level 7

Thanks for that great blog. Never knew that. Like you said there are thousands of world coins you could pick as many as you can that's what makes this hobby great. Thanks for doing the work I appreciate it. Mike

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