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11 Sep 2017

Foreign Coins, Weird, Unusual and Wacky Designs. (Part #2)

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Well, here is part two of the Foreign Coins blog. I still had a few more coins that I wanted to show y'all so I am writing a second blog. :)

   One of the most interesting things about foreign coins is that there are so many different varieties that you will never see in U.S. coinage. Duo-toned coins, coins with designs in full color, coins shaped like hearts, diamonds, guitar picks, squares, and much more. Foreign coins are the most diverse and varying subject of numismatics (IMHO). No two countries have similar coinage which provides a wonderfully diverse amount of topics to focus on and collect!!!
   The first coin in this blog I would like to talk about is a rather interesting and very pretty one. The three dollar coin from Manilla. It is duo-toned, shaped like a guitar pick, and is stunning. The design has a ship such as Columbus used on a rather artistic/abstract ocean. This is surrounded by the words: Manilla (on the left side of the triangle.), Three Dollars (bottom), and Anno Domini and the date (right side) (the date in one photo I have seen is 1730 something, yet it looks like a modern proof coin, which leads me to believe that it is a commemorative, but I am not sure. If you know, please feel free to comment.) Oddest of all, at the top of the triangle is a golden, um, pig. :) That does not fit with the theme of a ship on the sea, which I find rather funny. :)
   The second coin is from Palau. There are two five dollar coins in Palau that have a hole through them. But, unlike most coins with holes that I know of, these two do not have holes through the middle of them, they have holes through the coin near the edge of the face. The designs are of: 1. A somewhat plump man looking out a door with a telescope at a ship on the high seas with the inscriptions: "400 Years Of Telescopes, 1608-2008, Hans Lippershey." 2. Also a 400 Years Of Telescopes coin, this coin shows a space telescope in orbit above a galaxy with the inscriptions: "400 Years Of Telescopes, 1608-2008, The Hubble."
   The coins from Palau are some of the most interesting coins I have ever seen. They are all gorgeous, with highly detailed designs, but they all feature something different. Mermaids, flowers, sea creatures, political figures, battleships, architecture, explorers, planets, angels, on and on........ All the designs are incredible, but something else sets them apart as well: shape and color.  They are almost all either shaped in a shape other than a circle, or their designs are all in full color!!! How cool is that?!!! :)
   I hope you all enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it!!!



Level 5

You are so right that many different designs, alloys, sizes, etc can be found and admired in such coins.


Level 6

Fun blog! Thanks for all the interesting information!


Level 7

Very interesting. I am not familiar with these coins. I do collect world coins but I'm very picky about what they look like. If they don't catch my eye I dont bother with them. That's why we say collect what you like if you collect hat you don't like there's no fun. I like enjoying the coins I collect. Thanks for doing the work. It is appreciated. Mike.

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