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21 Apr 2020

Star Trek... Coins!

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Space. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. Her five-year mission: to explore new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before...

These words are well known. Even if you haven't seen Star Trek, you probably know at least part of the quote. Star Trek was revolutionary, in the way that Star Wars was. It has a gigantic fan base, and really, too many movies to count. Not to mention hundreds of episodes from the many different tv shows out there. Voyager. Enterprise. Deep Space Nine. Et Cetera. There are also comics, games, figurines, toys, and more. :) But did you know, that there are also Star Trek Coins??? Yes, I am not kidding. So if any of you out there are Trekkies, then this one is for you! :)

The Star Trek coins that I know of (if you know of any more, please let me know in the comments!) are from the Perth Mint of Australia. It is located in the state of Western Australia, and it is a state-owned entity of the local government. It is not associated with the Royal Australian Mint, but its products are considered legal tender under the Currency Act of 1965. The Star Trek coins are legal tender in the little island nation of Tuvalu, which is a Polynesian island, in the Pacific Ocean, located approximately halfway between Australia and Hawaii. The Perth Mint is responsible for minting their coinage. The Star Trek coins have a 1$ value there, although they are one ounce of .999 pure silver, so they're technically worth more, especially from a collecting standpoint. :)

First up, a set of the captains! I am unable to find a coin with Captain Kirk on it, from the original show, by himself that is. Since 2016 marked the 50th anniversary of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek tv show,Australias' Perth Mint "has embarked on a bold program to honor the 50thanniversary of Star Trek by releasing a new proof coin to commemorate each television series, including both the captains and their starships, as well as other major characters in each series." In2015 coins with Captains Picard, Sisko, Janeway, and Archer were released, each with a limitedmintageof only 5,000 coins! Each coin, on the obverse,bears the familiar right-profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, along with engravings of the coins face value, nation of issue, and year of issue, as well as Her Majestys' name. On the reverse of the coins are special, colorized images of the captains, "inside" the Star Trek logo, which is made up of a background picture, and behind the colorizedlogo and captain is the captains'respective ship, with the captains' name "above" theship, if you will, as well as the coin's weight, purity, and metalcontent, and the copyright (for the design I believe. Itisn't said what the copyright is for, but since the two dates are 2015 and 2014, among the four coins, I assume they are for the design.). :) The coins all have a special box, and the coins themselves are stored in special, circular containers: white, with a see through "window" over the coin in thelid of the container, and a very cool blue, light-up ring around the coin, that holds the coin in the container. JMBullion calls them "aStar Trek inspired case transporter that actually lights up when the lid is opened."It's really very neat. (Butunfortunately out of my price range at the moment lol.) :)

2015 also saw the release of three other Star Trek Coins, one featuring DeepSpace Nine, with the ship itself silver over a colorized background. The other twofeatured the U.S.S. Voyager, and the NX-01 Enterprise, both ships once againsilver, over a special colorized background.Theobverse of the coins features Queen Elizabeth II, along with the date, the monetary value, and the word "Tuvalu". The reverse, as well as having the ships, has the metal,weight, and purity, and the words "STAR TREK", and theships' full "identification, if you will (for example, "U.S.S. VOYAGER, NCC-74656"). They also come in the special containers with the blue light up rings for the coins, and the window in the lid.

This blog post has turned out longer than I thought it would, and I have to go soon, so, I shall continue later! Ididn't think this was going to turn into a series, but apparently it will be at least a short one. :) Soon to come: the 2016 and 2019 coins for Captain Kirk and the original tv show, and the 2017 coin inspired by the Mirror, Mirror episode of the original tv show! Once again, I have not been able to post any pictures (and I stilldon't know why not. It always tells me that the files are too big or they were unable to import...), but if you want to see these amazing coins for yourself, go to JM Bullion's website, click on "SILVER", then "SILVER COINS", then "AUSTRALIAN SILVER COINS", and then finally, "PERTH MINT STAR TREK SILVER COINS". Hope you can find them! :)

See you soon!!

~ZC :)



Level 5

Themed coins have a real niche with certain collectors. Star Trek, Star Wars (my fav), Marvel Comics, DC Comics, etc. have real fan bases that will pay any amount for these types of coins.


Level 6

I am a fan of Star Trek from the beginning! Loved it. I still watch them... ; ) As far as coins go I probably wouldn't collect these. I'm not really into colorized coins in general. Great blog!!!


Level 6

Not a big fan of themed coins. Just me. I have seen these and they are nicely made. By what you like. Now, put out a "Venom" coin and you may hook me. I think there is one out there but it did do anything for me..Thanks.


Level 5

Watched every Star Trek movie and show ever created ! No doubt i have seen them all and really enjoy the space and Star Trek shows. I will be on the look out for any silver bullion coin Star Trek related. I have bought quite a few themed bullion silver 1 ounce rounds over the past couple years. I find the designs really interesting and the cost above current silver is usually only a few dollars if that. These you mention may be a little more pricey though. I don't mind paying 20-30 dollars for a great bullion coin with a nice design, especially if the mintage is 25K or something relatively low. Will check out the Star Trek coins for sure. thanks


Level 4

Because of the crazy low mintage for these (5,000), and possibly the fact that they are now five years old, they are 50-60 dollars. But they are really cool. Each coin comes with a numbered certificate as well. I found it funny that you should mention Star Trek currency on my other blog when I was working on this one lol. :)


Level 5

I first saw Star Trek in syndication and was hooked. I've seen the movies, each of the series, and most recently season 1 of Picard! Would I buy any of the coins? Probably not, I'm not a huge fan of colorized coins. I do own a very limited number of colorized coins though. The latest gimmick I remember seeing advertised on TV is colorized Kennedy Half Dollars with the characters of Star Trek. I just as soon buy coins that were colorized by a governmental mint than coins colorized by a shameless huckster!


Level 6

I am always amazed at the longevity of Star Trek and all its offspring. I was watching Batman, and Lost in Space, and Bonanza, but never watched the original Star Trek until it ran in syndication. I was never a big fan, I did LOVE Star Trek: TNG and Captain Picard. Would I buy a Star Trek Coin? Nope, but if you make a Batman Coin, like the Canadian Mint has done, I am IN!!! thanks Z2B, interesting blog and now i know a lot more about the quasi-legal status of the Perth Mint.


Level 7

Nice blog but im not a treky. Sounds good. The show i think i have seen maybe a year. Therefore.i wouldnt go for the coins. Thanks. There are pleanty who watched..

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