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28 Jul 2020

Star Trek Coins Part Four

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Well, this is later than I meant it to be...

It turns out that there is more to do regarding being published than just publishing your book lol. A lot more.

But anyways, here is the fourth, and possibly final, at least for now, part of my Star Trek coins blog post series. :) This section is on the Star Trek 5g silver coin notes from the New Zealand Mint! They are not technically coins, but they are bank notes (of a sort), which are a part of numismatics lol. Also, they are very cool, so I thought I would include them in my Star Trek coins series. :)

There is a seven coin note series for the Original Star Trek Series, with each note featuring one of the seven main characters (Kirk, Spok, Scotty, Chekov, Uhura, Bones, and Sulu), and there is also a six coin note set for the Star Trek Next Generation Series, with each note featuring one of the six main characters (Picard, Riker, Data, Troi, Forge, and Worf).

The Original Series coin notes all weigh 5 grams of .999 pure silver, and they all have a BU finish, and they are all 150x70mm. Each one features the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England on the front of the coin note, and they each have their unique mintage number printed on them. Each bill in the series has a limited mintage number of 50,000 pieces. They are all legal tender in Niue (the world's largest coral island, it is in the South Pacific Ocean. It was annexed by New Zealand in 1901, but now is self-governed, and in free association with NZ, since 1974), and each one is worth one dollar, face value anyways. :) On the back of each coin note is a special design pertaining to whichever character is on the coin note, with one image of the character, inside the Star Trek logo, colorized. The notes are gorgeously engraved, and the colorizing adds a nice touch. Each one arrives in a specialized protective sleeve, which includes details of the note's authenticity. From Kirk holding his communicator, to Spok making his trademark "live long and prosper" sign, to Uhura putting in her earpiece, Bones consulting a data pad, Chekov on his tricorder, Sulu holding his phaser, and Scotty also using his communicator, each of the notes feature fun and pleasing designs. Surrounding the colorized character designs, and the Star Trek logo, there are wonderful engravings of the U.S.S. Enterprise, and other Star Trek themed engravings as well. And with the Captain Kirk coin note, comes the collectors album, with themed pages for each note. Each different page has a sleeve for the notes, and designs to correspond with which character the page is for, and details on the character as well.

The Next Generation Series coin notes all have the same specs as the Original Series ones, except for the fact that the NG Series notes all have a limited mintage number of 10,000, not 50,000 like the OS notes. Also, the reverse designs of these notes are also slightly different. Instead of the character colorized, then surrounded by Star Trek themed engravings, including the Enterprise, these notes feature two designs of the character featured, side-by-side. One image, on the left, is colorized, and the other, on the right, is engraved. The image on the left is of the character facing front, with a starscape, or the surface of a planet, behind them. The image on the right is of the character at their workstation, in a hallway or doorway, or interacting with other characters. The collectors album comes with the Captain Picard coin note.

These coin notes are all very fascinating, and fun to look at. If you want to see them, go to the New Zealand Mint's website, go into collectibles, then into the coins and collectibles section, and then select Star Trek.

Sorry this is a little late! Hope y'all enjoyed it!

Until Later ! ~ZC



Level 6

No offence but this sounds like a big money grab. Just like NGC and all their "special" labels. Don't listen to me. Buy what you like.


Level 4

Oh well, I'm not planning on buying any, I just thought they were neat, so I posted about them. :)


Level 5

Examples can be viewed here, they are really quite attractive although the original ST is not my thing. I am a big STTNG fan though. https://www.thetrekcollective.com/2018/05/new-tos-silver-coin-notes-and-captain.html

Mike B

Level 7

So there not coins sorta and not notes? What exactly are they? Anyway good luck with the book!!

Star trek isn't my favorite, I'm all for star wars, but these coin-note concepts are intriguing. thanks for writing


Level 5

Very interesting about the coin note. Going to start looking for star trek stuff. Always like star trek.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Can you tell me more about the coin note concept? I'm not getting my mind around that! Lol


Level 4

So they call it a coin note, because it is a note, in shape, but a coin, in what it is made of. It took me a while to wrap my brain around it as well lol. :)

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