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28 Apr 2020

Star Trek Coins Part Two!

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"Space, the Final Frontier. Normally, leaving the Earth's atmosphere to experience that final frontier is beyond the capabilities of normal individuals, but now you can explore the cosmos by boarding the USS Enterprise and sailing through the stars with all the crew members. From Scotty to Spock, the Borg to Tribbles, and Kirk to Pickard, everyone is here and ready to go on an expedition through the stars and to your collection. Several Mints around the world have released Star Trek coins that span multiple series and feature various beloved characters. I'm not a doctor, but these Star Trek coins would be the perfect fit for any Trekkie's collection." (quotefrom govmint.org I figured it would be redundant to start this post like I started the other one, and I though that this was a neat way of putting things.) :)

In this post, I will cover the2016 and 2019 coins for Captain Kirk and the original tv show, and the 2017 coin inspired by the Mirror, Mirror episode of the original tv show. :)

So, firstoff, the Kirk's coin from 2019! This coin contains 1 Troy oz. of . 9999 pure silver, and it bears a one dollar value that is backed by the government of Tuvalu. On theobverse is Queen Elizabeth II (the fourth-generation effigy from the Royal England Mint, designed by Ian Rank-Broadley in 1998), and the reverse features a colorized image of Captain Kirk in his uniform, with STAR TREK in silver infront of him, and the interior of the Enterprise's bridge in silverbehind him. However, the part of the bridge that is shown contains the window, if you will. And out the window is Jupiter and several of its moons, along with a beautiful star scape. Everything out of the window is colorized. The coincomes in a special Star Trek display case, differentfrom the others that were in the other post. Thecoin is encased inside, and the casefeatures a clear sort of lid so that you can always see the coin's reverse design. The display case is housed inside a Star Trek branded "shipper" that has the words "TheOriginal Series, Star Trek, Captain Kirk and Jupiter." Thecoin also comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity. This coin is special for several reasons. First,this coin has the low, low mintage of only 3,000 pieces!! Second, most of the Star Trek coins thatwere made did not have any input from the actors who played the parts in the tv shows ormovies. But this coin's design ispersonallysupported by William Shatner! Now, I have to move on to the next coins,because Istill have to do the coins for the original tv show from 2016 and 2019,andtheMirror Mirror coin in this post. :)

The 2016 coin! Thiscoin is for the original tv show, and itfeatures a colorized design of the main crew of the Enterprise, Kirk,Spock, Scotty, Sulu, Uhura, and Bones,along with the Enterprise, with a backdrop of stars. Around thecolorized part of thedesign is a silver ring of sorts, with the words "STAR TREK", and "THE ORIGINAL SERIES" around it, as well as some stars and what seem to be pixels fading away from the words "STAR TREK". In thetopcenter of the colorized field, there is asilver Star Trek comm badge, with the letters "50" in relief, and a raised starpartly over the letters. This coin has a mintage of only 5,000 coins, but the coolestpart about this coin isits case! The case is designed to mimic the crew's communicators in the original series! The coin is setinsidethe case, in a glowing blue ring like the cases for the coins in the other post have. The "lid" of the case is the gold flip top of the communicator, and the coin is surrounded by buttons and glowing lights, red, blue, and green, with a "speaker" set in the front of it. It is by far thebest, and coolest case that I have seen among the coins so far covered. :)

The 2019 coinfor the original series comes in a case like the ones in the previous post, although it is grey instead of white. This coin has alimited mintage of ONLY 1,250 COINS!!! The reverse face of this 2019 Proof Tuvalu Star Trek USS Enterprise and Crew Silver Coin is beautiful! It bears the image of the USS Enterprise starship in beautiful silver.Behind the Enterprise, the Star Trek Delta insignia has a colorized finish andfeatures theimages (also colorized) of Spock, Bones, and Kirk, in their uniforms. The front of the port nacelles on the Enterprise are alsocolorized, which creates a nice contrast with the silver of the Enterprise.

Andfinally, for this post at least, the Mirror, Mirror coin of 2017, paying homage to the Mirror, Mirrorepisode of the originalStar Trek series. In case you're wondering, this is what the episode is about... It debuted on television on October 6th of 1967, and in it, the members of a landing party meeting with the Halkan Council are transported back to a parallel universerather than to the Enterprise. Captain Kirk, Bones, Scotty, and Uhura are transportedback to the Enterprise during an Ion storm, which causes a malfunction in the transporter, which is whatresults in the group being sent to the parallel universe. Their evil counterparts are sent back to the Enterprise, and I'm sure you can imagine where it goes from there. :) The coin is housed in the same case as the coins from the other post, and the 2019 original series coin, this case being white. The reverse of the coin is almost fully colorized, unlike the other Star Trek coins. The only silver partof the reverse design is the Star Trek insignia with two linked rings, in the top center of the design. The background of the reverse design is green, with white speckled stars all throughout. In theforeground is the image of Spock and Spock prime facing one another, and in between them, in the background is the planet Earth, bisected by asword, surrounded by navigational rings. The design of both Spock's uniforms insignia are visible. This coin also has the low, low mintage of only 3,000 coins. The box that the displaycase is in features Spock, shooting, with Spock prime behind him with his armscrossed. All of the coins inthispost contain one Troy ounce of .9999 pure silver, andfeature QueenElizabeth the II on the obverse.

Well, I hope y'all enjoyed this post! My fingers are getting tired so I'm glad this post is done. :) Next up will be some of the Star Trek coins from the Royal Canadian Mint (yep, I found more lol),including theirspecial TEN-OUNCE COIN! :) Stay tuned!

Bye for now!

~ZC :)







Level 5

Star Trek has a great history and fan base. Many collectors will be left out with such small mintages. Thanks.


Level 3

I don't get to this website much, due to every other thing my bride has for me to do. However, I have been a fan of Star Trek for a while. I really enjoyed the redo of Star Trek with Chris Pine who is the son of the Chip's Sargent. It was cool to see the Thor star in the opening of the first movie.


Level 6

They are not meant for me. Nice Post though. Thanks..


Level 7

Im a history freak. And even though i do not collect colored coins or the plastic covering they use 99% of the time. Allot of things came out of the series we use today. Thanksnfor tlhe tlrip.


Level 5

Will be looking for Star Trek coins at the next coin show. I would love to have a couple Star Trek coins. Watched all the shows and movies. Thanks for the post.


Level 6

Thanks for the update ZZ. Star Trek coins are definitely not my bag but I understand that a certain type of collector would find them eminently collectible. For my part, I mostly like coins that have history and that actually circulated in commerce, those are the best coins. Having said that, I have several foreign coins that are purely intended for the collector market so I guess I am a sort of Star Trek coin collector too. (:

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