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30 Aug 2018

Cents Part Five: Lincoln Cents

Coins | ZanzibarCoins

Hello again and here is the fifth and final part of my blog post series on cents! This blog post miniseries has lasted five blogs of separate cent designs, as well as an introduction. I hope y'all enjoy this blog post and find it informative as I wrap up the series. :)

20 Aug 2018

Cents Part Three: Small Cents, The Flying Eagle Cent

Young Numismatists Exchange | ZanzibarCoins

Hi everyone! Here is part three of my cents blog series, which features the Flying Eagle Cent. The Flying Eagle Cent was the first small cent design to be issued. The reasons that the government switched from large cents that were made of nearly pure copper to small cents that were made of 88% copper and 12% nickel are these:

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