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11 Jul 2019

A Ray of Sunshine ............................

| Just Mokie

Well the rains have been torrential here in Pittsburgh today and our basement sump pump is a little overwhelmed, which would explain all the towels soaking up water on the tile floor. Usually a day like this is not fun, but then the mailman came and delivered a surprise that put a very big smile on my face. Back a few months ago, ANA asked YNs, and even us adults, to put in some ideas for a commemorative coin that might be issued in 2069, I put mine in (the subject of an earlier blog) and really heard nothing at all. Eventually, the YNs were given awards for their particpation and Mr. Dickes even wrote that everyone would get a participation gift. One of our YNs, who did not finish in the top three, got a little something for his effort but I did not. Believe me, it was not a big deal, I just figured, the YNs would appreciate whatever they received and this 61 year old man has no need for anything.

Flash Forward to this morning, a large padded envelope arrived from ANA. I had not ordered anything from them and I thought my letter of suspension from all ANA activities would probably only require a standard business envelope, so I opened it up and VOILA, a Beautiful ANA Appreciation Medal, a set of uncirculated D mint coins, and an interesting 25th anniversary Moon Landing coin from the British Overseas Territory- Turks and Caicos. The Turks and Caicos coin is especially interesting as it has the ANA Logo and the wording "ANA Salute to Coin Collecting" on the reverse. Obviously a joint venture of some kind in the early 90's when ANA seemed to be doing a lot of this sort of thing.

I am going to keep the ANA Appreciation Medal but will donate the Mint Set and the Turks/Caicos coin to my PAN Kid Zone Auction. I hope your rainy day also turns sunny as quickly as mine did.

PS-The Turks and Caicos Coin has a mintage of 10,000. Sweet!!



Level 5

Very nice. It always puts a bounce in my step when something unexpected shows up.

The Moon Landing medal got me wondering. By the time 2019 is over I bet somebody would have more than enough to put together a good book of coins and medals dealing exclusively with space travel.


Level 5

Very cool. Many times the little things mean so much more than the big things.

Great that you are donating to the auction.

Nice Coins! Participation awards are the best :) I appreciate that you're donating to the kid zone auction, by the way


Level 6

That's so cool! What a pleasant surprise versa your "pink" slip... haha Great that your are going to donation to the kids auction! Good job Mokie!


Level 6

That is one funny blog.. I bet they don't even send us old guys a letter of suspension. one day we just will be locked out. haha! Great gifts and great heart to donate them to the PAN YN's. Great club. I remember your blog. I thought it was very creative.. Glad you were recognized. Thanks!

That design contest was fun.... It's great that you are donating to the kid zone. Thanks...

Mike B

Level 6

Congratulations to you and all and thanks to the ANA for there donation. That's great you will donate these to the kids they will cherish them. That's a fine gesture on your part. They look nice. I know they will never forget them and always remember them. And less not forget enjoy them. Great blog and great gestures all all partys. Any extras going around? Great blog and thanks. You deserve it. Pat

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