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23 Jun 2020

Conventions are Nigh but......

| Mokie

My friends, as you all know, regardless of where you are in this great nation, our summer conventions have all disappeared. From FUN, to Long Beach, to CSNS, to PAN and finally to ANA, we are having a difficult numismatic summer. So how to put a smile on our sad numismatic mugs? Well spend 19.95 plus shipping to get yourself a wonderful CSNS T-Shirt. They are the absolute must for any collector worth his or her salt and they are supporting a great and valuable numismatic entity, the Central States Numismatic Society. I have ordered one and I will not profit even one english penny from this pitch but I hope you get one too. https://www.facebook.com/CentralStatesNumismaticSocietyHappy Summer Everyone, where ever you are located.

13 Jun 2020

Coin Display Options

Coins | Mokie

How do you like to display your coins? I have many coins on display in my ManCorner. Some of them are framed, like my set of 1967 Coins and Currency. Some are in Capital Holders like my set of Morgan Mintmark Types, some are placed raw on a stand like my Laura Gardin Fraser medal, and some are in special floating holders like my irradiated dimes and my first spouse medals. If you decide to display your coins in a similar manner, here are some tips:

03 Jun 2020

75 Years Later

Coins-World | Mokie

As you are all aware deadly Coronachan has wreaked havoc on a number of things we all enjoy in the spring, sports leagues have shut down (Bundesliga is the first to return in empty stadiums), concerts have been postponed, The Kentucky Derby and the Master's tournament have been rescheduled. Most of all we have lost all but one of the spring and summer coin shows to include prominent ones like Long Beach, Central States, FUN, and near and dear to my heart, PAN. WFM teeters on the edge, awaiting factors it has no control over.

02 Jun 2020

Bank of Upper Canada Tokens

| Mokie

In 1791, the British divided Quebec into the new provinces of Upper and Lower Canada. Lower Canada is pretty much the Quebec of today while Upper Canada is the southern portion of current day Ontario. The Bank of Upper Canada received permission from the Crown in 1850 to have Penny and Half Penny coins minted at the Royal Mint. However, the Royal Mint was too busy so the Bank of Upper Canada was allowed to get a private firm to design the coins and provide all the tooling to the Royal Mint. The 1850 and 1852 issues were struck at the Royal Mint but my Half Penny and Penny were struck at the Heaton Mint. Although Heaton did not place a mintmark on their 1854 and 1857 issues, they can be differentiated by the fact the Royal Mint used medal alignment and the Heaton Mint used coin alignment on all the tokens they issued. The obverse of each coins has a rendition of St. George slaying a Dragon while the reverse showed the Lower Canada Coat of Arms. Incidentally, by 1850, Upper and Lower Canada had been merged to form the Province of Canada so the Coat of Arms was actually no longer in official use. Maybe some Ontario pride on display here.

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