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23 Apr 2021

Buying The Coin Before the Book

| Mokie

Always buy the book before the coin is an oft repeated truism that I have said myself on many occasions. But when you are an impulsive person, like me, sometimes that just doesn't happen (especially when I didn't even know the book existed until I bought the coin). Along with being impulsive, I am an absolute sucker for a coin or coins in a capital holder. I have many of those beautiful slabs in my collection and I will no doubt add more in the future. So how did I acquire the item pictured on this blog?

Like many of us, I like to spend some time each day on Ebay, just looking for random coins, or Batman stuff, or Military Helmet stuff, to add to my collections. One day recently, I was searching for new items in one of my saved coin sellers and happened to run across this Confederate Cent. The Capital holder in which the coin was displayed looked old, especially with the metal screws, and the Cent itself looked quite lovely. Of course like Jerry McGuire's Renee, you had me at Capital holder, so I made an offer and my beautifully encased Cent arrived.

Now, speaking of the case, I believe from research, it is contemporary to the issuing period of the Bashlow Confederate Cent copies so the statement that the Cent was "struck from the original Lovett dies" was not actually true. Mr. Bashlow had purchased the dies but had copies of the dies made because he knew any attempt at minting more coins from those purchased dies would have resulted in their complete destruction. But, I guess stating "Struck from Copies of the Original Lovett Dies" isn't quite as intriguing.

In any event, I have barely cracked the cover of my book, which arrived two days ago, but all the information I provided in the preceding paragraph was gleaned directly from it. I am going to have a wonderful time learning all about the complete history of the Confederate Cent and that is even better than a Capital Holder.


Levi, Harold and Corell George, The Lovett Cent a Confederate Story, 2nd Editon



Level 5

I have always thought that this was a cool coin with a cool story. If I understand correctly, the original cents were struck in the north. Because the persons responsible for striking them feared being executed for treason, very few of the original cents remain today. Thus original Confederate cents are quite valuable.


Level 4

Nice story about the coin that is. Live and learn.


Level 4

Thank you! I have a friend that owns one of these and when he showed it too me I thought about the real coin. But i eventually figured out this was just a copy. So please do some more research and write a blog on this subject.


Level 5

Very nice coin. I also like those holders. Have a few Heraldic art medals in Capital holders. I like the old holders, knowing the coin or medal has been in that holder quite a while. Nice blog.


Level 5

Nice blog. That's a fun piece of history you have. I have to admit that I have also bought the book after the coin on occasion.


Level 6

You are right... Sometimes its way hard to buy the book before the coin. As you never know what you'll run across at the spur of the moment. Beautiful coin! ; )


Level 6

Fun blog to read. I think I also have that same gene. Nice set. I may look for one myself. Thanks.


Level 7

I love those cents and the history behind it. And there is allot. . As always a great job on those very special cents. I bought the Smithsonian testifies in silver. I love them. Even have the L for Lovett on the bail of hay!! Great book. I know you will enjoy it!! Thanks for the information..


Level 5

WOW Mokie ! I don't think I've ever heard of that particular cent, much less the book...LOL Looks like a nice pick-up from Ebay for sure. I've only made one purchase from there, but I do have a "bid" pending on a Binnon Peace dollar for a great price. Won't know until in the morning whether mine is the winning bid. I'm also impulsive at times. I'm sure that you will hear from MikeB about this coin due to his interest in Confederate items! Great pics too! How did your second shot come out? Stay safe my friend! Charlie


Level 5

Really enjoyed the blogs. Never can have enough books in your library.

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