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19 May 2020

With Thanks to Long Beard

| Mokester

One of our frequent bloggers, Long Beard, recently wrote a fascinating blog about the Dime Savings Books issued by banks in days gone by. The whole idea was for someone, usually a child, to fill the savings books with dimes until there was a sufficient amount saved to warrant a trip to the bank for deposit into a savings account. deposit. The example I purchased after reading Long Beard's blog is from the Catskill Savings Bank, Catskill N.Y. Catskill NY is a small town along the Hudson River in Upstate New York which touts itself as the Gateway to the Catskills (mountains). If you watched the movie Dirty Dancing, you will know it was set in one of the many resorts that attracted New York City residents to the mountains during the horrible summer dog days when A/C was rare in a household and sweat was your summer companion.

I had hoped the Catskill Bank was still a viable entity but found that after a run of 130 years, Catskill Savings Bank was forced to merge with Troy Savings Bank. Troy Savings Bank was forced into its own merger in 2004; they were 181 years old at the time of this merger with First Niagara Bank. First Niagara Bank was 146 years old itself when it merged with Key Bank in 2016. Key Bank, whose origins are in Cleveland OH, is a major bank that has branches all over the Northeast and is currently solvent. But given the impending economic devastation of CoronaChan, who knows.

My Catskill Savings Bank book came with $3 worth of dimes already inserted in its slots. I had hoped to remove these clad dimes and place silver Jefferson and Mercury dismes but I'm afraid the pockets might be too delicate and might tear if I tried to remove a dime and place another. So, it will remain $3 worth of modern dimes for the future savings account of time traveling Little Mokie. Thanks to Long Beard for taking me down a road of remarkably interesting research, that's what we do for each other here. If you want to enjoy a long snooze near Rip Van Winkle's favorite tree, visit this link to the charming village of Catskill NY:




Level 5

Good write-up! It gives you a feel for the community this particular dime folder came from.

Long Beard

Level 4

Words simply can not express the impact a simple blog has on like minded collectors. With that, I thank you all. What's also nice to know, no matter where you live there's bound to be one from a bank or credit union, perhaps long gone like these little gems. Most of which can be had for 5-10 dollars on average with the rare ones reaching closer to twenty. Again, I am truly humbled.


Level 6

I also bought one after reading Longbeard's blog. I got it for my wife. It's a squirrel putting away his Mercury Dime nuts. I started her off with two blast white mercury's. She loves it. They are very cool. Thanks

Long Beard

Level 4

That's awesome giving one to your better half. I'll be taking a few of my duplicates to the ANA show in August to give away to some youngsters.

Mike B

Level 6

The older ones had metal boxes . We had a regular box and put our nickels and dimes in till friday then the trip to the bank. As i said in Long Beards blog you also.brought bank some fun memories. Thanks for that. .


Level 4

I too currently live in Central New York and am familiar with all of the places mentioned in your post. I also have one of those holders with just a couple of dimes in the slots that my mother-in-law passed down. I didn't realize they were an item. I'll have to see if I can find it again. Thanks for sharing this information!


Level 5

There is a subcategory of our hobby with collectors of vintage coin folders, albums, and those original coin boards from the 30's. I have not gotten in to that but would like to collect any empty one of these from my home state of Pennsylvania and fill it with those aforementioned silver dimes. I love being on this site because I am surrounded by brilliant people who constantly lead me down fascinating numismatic paths. Long Beard, I believe, is a fellow Pennsylvanian and I really appreciated his blog at the time it was posted, There are a lot of people that regularly posted here that I have never physically met but they are all great friends and great mentors.


Level 5

Fun items to remember the past. I still have a bank pouch from my home town bank stating accounts insured to $10,000.


Level 5

Like I mentioned before, seeing these reminds me of my grandmother. She is the only one I ever saw filling one. Thanks for sharing.


Level 4

That is an awesome item. Might try for one of these myself. I grew up near Buffalo New York. I don't really remember these savings books, but know we had those Christmas savings accounts at the bank, to save up for Christmas. Really a nice find you have and thanks for sharing it with us. Very nice.

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