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06 Oct 2019

a kids guide to collecting coins by arlyn g sieber

| user_15777

My sister and brother said that I should read this if I wanted to be a good coin collector. I was glad they did because it helped me a lot. It taught me how coins were made and what the p and d stand for. Like it told me how coins start off as blanks and then go through a machine and that all the mint combined can make over one million coins a day. Also, it told me to watch for dimes and quarters and half dollars dated before 1965 because they were primarily made from silver. It also told me not to call pennies pennies. That they are only called pennies in the UK but in America they are one cent pieces. I think that this book is very useful to coin collectors who are starting out even to older coin collectors to freshen up their knowledge. I would recommend it.



Level 7



Level 6

Good choice. The whole penny/cent thing drives a lot of people crazy. Thanks and keep learning..

Prodigy Coins

Level 4

Coins being made is an interesting process.

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