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06 Oct 2019

Coin Collecting for Kids by Steve Otfinoski

| user_15777

Coin Collecting for Kids by Steve Otifinoski gave me a lot of good information and helped me to start my adventures coin collecting. I wish that I had my own copy of this book because I really like the Whitman coin folders, and this is a book with its own coin folder for quarters, but it was the library’s so I could not put any quarters in it. But, I really liked all the pictures and the different information on lots of types of coins like pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and half dollars and even some fancy dollars called commemoratives. I would 100% recommend this book to anyone starting out in coin collecting, or if they really like coin folders like me, because this has one. I also would recommend this to experienced coin collectors who want to help get new people involved in the hobby. All together, it was a very good read and I was very glad I read it.



Level 6

I think I am reading brother and sisters here, maybe. Anyhow, that would be great. Keep reading.. Thanks.


Level 7

This must be book report day. The ANA has 29,000 books. We have a saying but the book before the xoin. It works.

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