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28 Dec 2019

A night at the Holborn

Exonumia | user_18007

I so much enjoyed this article in this month's "The Numismatist," because I have one of these medals and often wondered what it was all about. A big thank you to Tom Lopez Ph. D.
My copy of the medal appears to be bronzed, but the lead is beginning to show through in places.
It bears the inscription:
To Duncan Davidson, Esq. DL Sept. 30th 1895
I don't know what the significance of "DL" is. I acquired it almost 35 years ago in London, because it had my name (Davidson) on it, although I'm absolutely sure that the Davidson on the medal is not related to me.
Anybody else got one of these? We should let the author know, so he can update his list of them.



Level 5

I just read this article today. It is quite an interesting piece.


Level 6

Nice looking medal. It is always nice to learn more about something in your collection.

Read the article yesterday and found out a lot about 19th century dining. We've come a long way from beautiful pieces such as this to the cheesy McDonald's Big Mac tokens.


Level 7

That is art. It's absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the blog and picture.


Level 6

Very cool. I need to go read that article.. Thanks.


Level 6

That is a beautiful medal, I will have to go read that Numismatist article asap. Thank you for sharing your jewel.

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