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16 Oct 2018

2019 National Coin Week Theme Contest

National Coin Week | Andy Dickes

Hello everyone!

The 96th annual National Coin Week is scheduled for April 21-27. 2019. Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing in 1969, and National Coin Week will focus on discovery and invention. The ANA is asking members to provide a theme that reflects this focus. The individual who provides the winning theme will receive a 
2018 American Eagle one-ounce silver proof coin. Dead­line for receipt of theme ideas is November 16.  

To submit your theme idea, visit www.NationalCoinWeek.org.



Level 6

Very cool! Amazing history!


Level 6

Thanks for the heads up. That was a great time in our history. Everyone watched every launch. Sadly, that is not the case. How many people even know that the Russian launch last week, that we hitch a ride on, went bad and had an emergency capsule return-crash? Everyone is O.K.. Thanks.


Level 4

Awesome! National Coin Week is always cool. Looks like I'm too late to submit :( I don't have any ideas, anyways, though.


Level 6

I just submitted my entry. Hope they get a lot of interest. This hobby can always use some positive publicity.


Level 6

I was glued to the TV during that 1st moon walk. Nice medal.

I entered, The moon landing was a great triumph for this country, an dit deserves to be commemorated. And yes, I would love to congratulate who will win.


Level 7

I also heard that a coin was going thru the system already to celebrate it. As a matter of fact it said this is a great coin to remember 1969. Those who watched it will remember were they were. Let me know now also when you find out put it up on reply. The problem is there were so many Apollo program . It bothers me I remember the first words everything but for the life of me I have to be honest I'm confused. What's the difference they will overcharge anyway.thanks for the reminder Mike.


Level 6

Isn't Discovery and Invention already a theme? I will go to the site and see if it provides a little more specific guidance.

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